Emma Schuberg Barnes

B. Art Ed (Hons)

PhD Candidate

Emma Schuberg Barnes is an artist and educator, holding a Bachelor of Art Education (Hons) from the University of New South Wales. She has interests in contemporary art forms and public sociology. Her interdisciplinary PhD research pursues understanding and communicating complex, evolving relationships between bodies and digital technologies. The PhD project is concerned with making sense of how digital technologies and human embodiment is performed in the theatre of Darwin Harbour.

Emma’s recent work in tertiary education as a research assistant is with projects inquiring into teacher resilience. Her professional roles focus on enhancing critical judgment and embodied learning, such as through curating public performance art, managing transcultural creative projects, and teaching high school visual arts. Prior to training as a teacher, Emma worked in communication and marketing roles. She has cultivated dynamic understandings of corporate, government, pedagogical and faith communities. Emma is a past Executive Member of the NSW Visual Arts and Design Educators Association (VADEA).

PhD Project Title

BODYTANK: The experience of human embodiment and our shared futures

Research Interests

  • contemporary art and public pedagogies
  • social impacts of digital technologies and AI
  • performance-based, interdisciplinary research methods
  • sense-making and sense-breaking
  • more-than-human understandings


Professor Ruth Wallace, Principal (Northern Institute)
Dr Judith Lovell (Northern Institute)
Dr Jon Mason (School of Education, CDU)

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Emma Schuberg Barnes


T: 08 8946 6780
E: emmalouise.schuberg@cdu.edu.au

Darwin, NT