Dr Hanandyo Dardjito

Completed PhD

Hanandyo Dardjito graduated from English Language Education at Teacher Training Institute of Semarang, Central Java-Indonesia or Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Semarang. He earned his Master Degree in American Studies Graduate Program majoring at Society and Culture from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta-Indonesia.

Currently he is a Philosophical Doctor Student in Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University, Australia sponsored by the Directorate of Higher Education of Indonesia (DIKTI). He is affiliated at Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa University, Yogyakarta-Indonesia. His research focuses on sociocultural factors affecting academic English reading comprehension in Indonesia.

Research Interests

  • Reading
  • Literacy
  • Language and Culture
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning


Comprehension and Socio Cultural Factors: Teaching Reading in English as a Foreign Language Setting

Comprehending academic English written text challenges non-English-speaking university students. Since English is internationally used as the language in academic knowledge sharing, many sources like books, journals, and the Internet, are written in English and the ability to comprehend academic English written texts is needed to support students being independent learners. For Indonesian students whose English serves as a foreign language, the challenge turns to be more paramount. Their sociocultural factors such as home and environment construct their learning of academic English reading comprehension. Understanding of their sociocultural factors will help develop a framework of reading teaching that accommodates students’ need.

This Ph.D. research will explore university students’ diverse sociocultural background that affects the students’ academic English reading comprehension. This research will take place in Yogyakarta Special Province, Indonesia where many students from other parts of Indonesia come to study. The students bring cultural diversity to the universities in this province that is suitable for this research. In Indonesia, there are many studies on reading English but they do not capture the students’ sociocultural backgrounds that construct their learning of academic English reading. This research will apply a mixed method explanatory design in order to give a more in-depth discussion of the research. A framework to develop teaching design on academic English reading comprehension will be put forward.


Professor Ruth Wallace
Associate Professor John Guenther
Dr Nicola Rolls

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Hanandyo Dardjito


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