ILonka Guse

M(ling), M(geront), GradDip(Psych), Dip(Ed), GradDip(ESL)

PhD Candidate

During her early career as teacher and lecturer in the education sector ILonka worked with a diverse range of students in terms of age and culture. This exposure sparked an interest in researching a person’s psychological make up including the influence of developmental stages and personality composition. Her studies in psychology encompassed the concept of ‘successful ageing’, ‘cognitive decline’ and ‘lifelong learning’. She presented her work at national and international conferences on ageing. Further research in the field of social gerontology focussed on advocacy and Human Rights of older people and the role of the United Nation and WHO. Currently, ILonka is undertaking her PhD at Charles Darwin University investigating the effect of recent pension and superannuation policies on retirement decisions of older workers.

PhD Project Title

Targeting Older Workers to extend their Working Lives. The effect of recent pension and superannuation policies on older workers’ decision making across diverse populations, geographies and economies in Australia.

Research Interests

  • Psychology of Ageing (developmental psychology)
  • The changing Ageing Construct and Discourse in 21st century
  • Social Perceptions of Death and Dying


Pascal Tremblay, Principal (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)
Andrew Taylor (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)
Lisa McManus (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)

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Publications & Resources

Journal Articles

Mungai, N., Guse-Brennfleck, I., & Moi, J. (2016). Elder Abuse in the African Community in Regional Australia. international journal of social work and human services practice, 4(1), 7-15.

Conference Papers & Presentations

Elder Abuse in Australia, 2013

Benefits of Brain Training on Cognitive Decline and Memory in Women aged 40-85, 2010

Successful Ageing: Life Satisfaction and Exercise in Older Adults (50-80yoa), 2009


Book Review: Ageing and Time

ILonka Guse


T: 0467 625015

Darwin, NT