Dr Julie Crough

MSc (Science Education), Grad Dip Ed (Secondary), BSc (Honours)

Completed PhD

Julie‚Äôs passion and interest in connecting informal learning, formal science education and digital technologies has evolved over many years while living and working in regional and remote Northern and Central Australia. While remote areas are often associated with social disadvantage, they are culturally and environmentally rich, thus providing unique opportunities for relevant formal and informal learning.  For more than a decade Julie has been actively integrating these factors with digital technologies to improve learning outcomes and to help build capacity in natural resource management.

Under the auspices of the former Tropical Savannas Management Cooperative Research Centre and Charles Darwin University, Julie collaborated with researchers, educators and students to design, develop and implement engaging and relevant online resources (namely, EnviroNorth - http://www.environorth.org.au). Her current research, through the Professional Doctorate in Tropical Environmental Management, draws on this previous work, research and experience.

Doctorate Project Title

People, Place and Practices: Digital technologies in the changing world of fire management in North Australia

Research Interests

  • Learning through Digital Technologies
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Climate Change
  • Building Capacity
  • Science Education & Communication


Professor MIchael Christie, Principal (Northern Institute)
Dr Peter Jacklyn (Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, CDU)
Dr Jenny Schwab (Australian National University)

Publications & Resources

Book Chapters

Crough, J., Fogg, L., and Webber, J. (2012). Challenging Opportunities:  Integrating ICT in School Science Education (Chapter 17). In K.C.D. Tan, M. Kim and S. Hwang (Eds.) Issues and challenges in science education research: Moving forward. Singapore: Springer Publishers.  

Journal Articles

Crough, J. (2008). Science Goes Walkabout. Curriculum Leadership Journal, 6(10), 14-43

Conference Papers

Crough, J., Fogg, L., and Webber, J. (2009). Talk about a walkabout: pathways and potholes using ICT in science education. International Science Education Conference: Singapore. 

Conference Proceedings

Crough, J., Fogg, L., and Webber, J. (2009). Talk about a walkabout: pathways and potholes using ICT in science education. Conference Proceedings, International Science Education Conference: Singapore.

Crough, J. and Fogg, L. (2007). Savanna Walkabout Resource Fosters Learning for Biodiversity Conservation. Proceedings, World Environmental Education Congress, Durban: South Africa.

Crough, J. and Fogg, L. (2007). Developing a Framework for Interactive Online Environmental Resources. Proceedings, World Conference on Science and Technology Education:  Perth.

Research Reports

Rowland, M., Crough, J., and Hixon, L. (2012). Engaging school communities with tropical science: a discussion paper for School Science Engagement Across Capricornia (SSEAC).

Julie Crough


T: +61 406 507 697
E: julie.crough@students.cdu.edu.au