Maruf Rahman Maxim

Master of Applied Finance, Bachelor of Business Administration, Graduate Certificate in Research, Certificate IV in Teaching and Assessment

PhD Candidate

Maxim Rahman is a graduate with distinction of Western Sydney University and has achieved several awards for academic excellence (including Dean’s medal). He worked as a Senior Lecturer at East West University, Bangladesh before embarking his journey as a PhD researcher at CDU. Along with teaching, he has worked as a consultant in various World Bank funded projects. Maxim is a member of Golden Key International Honour Society and Finance & Treasury Association (FTA), Australia. He has a wide array of research interests including environmental taxation, behavioural finance, market efficiency and education. Outside his academic career, he is an avid musician and often derives research inspirations from musical theories.

PhD Project Title

Green Tax Reform and Employment Double Dividend in Australia: Challenges and the Way Forward

Research Interests

  • Environmental Taxation
  • Market Efficiency
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Education


Dr Kerstin Zander, Principal Supervisor (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)
Dr Rabindra Nepal (CDU Business School, Charles Darwin University)
Professor Kishor Sharma (CDU Business School, Charles Darwin University)

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Publications & Resources

Journal Articles

Maxim, M.R. & Zander, K. (2019) Can a Green Tax Reform Entail Employment Double Dividend in European and non-European Countries? A Survey of the Empirical Evidence. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 9, 218-228.

Maxim, M.R. Ashif, A.S.M. (2017). A New Method of Measuring Stock Market Manipulation through Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Investment Management and Financial Innovations (open-access)14(3), 54-61.

Maxim,M.R. 2014.Good Sellers Drive out Bad Sellers. Do We Require Consumer Protection. International organization of scientific research, 3 (4). 

Maxim, M.R. 2014. Stock Market Manipulation: A Literature Review. Asian Accounting and Auditing Advancement, 7 (4).

Maxim, M.R. Miti, T. and Arifuzzaman, S. 2013. Is Dhaka stock exchange (DSE) efficient? A Comparison of Efficiency Before and After the Market Crisis of 2010. Asian business review, 2 (5).

Conference Proceedings

Maxim, M.R. (May 2017). Students’ Perception of Green Finance in Bangladesh, Paper presented at the Institute of Advanced Studies Student Researchers’ Conference, Darwin, Australia.

Hossain, Md. Sajjad, & Maxim, M.R. (September,2015). University Level Teaching and Learning in Bangladesh: Inferences from the Inclusion and Exclusion of Educational Psychology. Paper presented at the International Conference on Business and Social Science Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Maxim, M.R. (October 2015). A New Proposal of Measuring Stock Market Manipulation through SEM.Paper presented at the Melbourne International Conference on Business and Social Science Research, Hotel Bayview on the park, Melbourne, Australia.

Maruf Rahman Maxim


T: +61 8 89467378

Casuarina Campus, CDU

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