Matthew Herring


PhD Candidate

Matt has worked as a wildlife ecologist on more than 850 farms in the Murray-Darling Basin over the past 17 years. He’s a strong advocate for working alongside farmers to unleash the conservation potential of private land and is passionate about the ideal of producing food and conserving biodiversity at the same time. The Bitterns in Rice Project epitomises that ideal, and his PhD at Charles Darwin University now centres on developing bittern-friendly rice farming in the New South Wales Riverina. His consultancy (Murray Wildlife) is contracted by Landcare and other community conservation groups, as well as government and industry, to undertake research and engage rural communities.

PhD Project Title

Integrated Water Management: the ecology and economics of bittern friendly rice farming

Research Interests

  • Conservation biology
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Wildlife-friendly farming
  • Water resource management
  • Wetland management


Dr. Kerstin Zander, Principal (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)
Professor Stephen Garnett (Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University)

Matthew Herring


T: 0428236563