Dr Nia Emmanouil

Bachelor of Social Science (Environment); Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)

Completed PhD

My professional background is primarily in teaching (secondary, primary and tertiary) with a focus on sustainability education, teaching in the humanities and environmental philosophy. 

My dissertation seeks to articulate an ontology of being with, through the stories of Indigenous and non-Indigenous storytellers. As a researcher of western heritage, a key challenge for me is addressing the question: is it possible to do research through an ontology of being with and articulate relationships with an agential, more-than-human world?

Research Interests

  • Indigenous metaphysics
  • Ontopoetics
  • Contemporary panpsychism
  • Actor-network theory
  • Autoethnography 


Dr David Howard Bennett, Principal (School of Indigenous Knowledges and Public Policy)
Dr Anthea Nicholls (Northern Institute)
Dr Linda Payi Ford (Northern Institute)

Publications and Resources

Journal Articles

‘You’ve got to drown in it’ PAN Journal, forthcoming (March 2015)

Conference Papers

‘The work that stories do: making visible, holding together and invoking ways of being with’ presented at the Affective Habitus: New Environmental Histories of Botany, Zoology and Emotions Conference, ANU, Canberra, 19-21 June 2014.

‘Being with country: the agency of story and metaphor in the emergence of people-place’ presented at the CEAD 2014: Sensual Landscapes of Ethnography Conference, University of Waikato, Hamilton NZ, 25-28 November 2014.