Peter Strachan

BA (Hons), Graduate Diploma in Human Relationships Education

Masters by Research

Peter’s background is in the field of employment, education and training since 1973 and in Central Australia since 1992.  Since 1983 the major focus of his work has been in Indigenous employment, education and training, firstly with the Federal Government, then Tangentyere Council and with Charles Darwin University since 2008.

PhD Project Title

“Defying the Odds” – An analysis of the experience of a select group of Central Australian Indigenous people in their pathway through education and training into employment, using an ethnographic methodology.

Research Interests

  1. Indigenous employment, education and training.
  2. Related topics for Central Australia.


Professor Rolf Gerritsen, Principal (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)
Dr Andrew Taylor (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)
Dr Al Strangeways (College of Education, Charles Darwin University)
Ms Denise Foster (Senior Researcher, Tangentyere Council Research Hub)

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Publications & Resources

Conference Proceedings

Strachan, P. (2018). 1986 – 2016, 30 years of change in Central Australian Indigenous Employment. Australian Population Association National Conference in Darwin, July 2018.

Peter Strachan


T: 08 89595290

Alice Springs, CDU Campus