Rajmoni Singha

MPhil University of Bergen, Norway; Master of Development Practice (MDP) James Cook University, Australia

PhD Candidate

Rajmoni Singha taught Anthropology at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) before he started his PhD at CDU. For nine years at IUB Rajmoni dealt with international students who come from multicultural backgrounds. Mr. Singha received a MPhil in Social Anthropology on “Sustainable Society” from the University of Bergen, Norway. He also did a Master of Development Practice (MDP) focusing on the “Environmental area” from James Cook University, Australia. His research areas focus on Indigenous communities and local knowledge, and livelihood improvement. Mr. Singha highlights his research on Indigenous handicrafts and its culture, beliefs, worldviews, and identity. He is also interested in working on Indigenous communities and local environmental management systems.

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