Sarah Ajowi

MA Communication studies; University Of Nairobi, Kenya; BA English and Economics, Bugema University, Uganda

PhD Candidate

I am a PhD scholar at Charles Darwin University and also a holder of the prestigious APA scholarship. My research interests are in behaviour change communication, community health, immigration studies more broadly, gender studies and ethnographic research methods. I have won various awards at conferences including; an Emerging Scholars Award to attend The Organization Studies Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change 2017 in Charles Darwin University, a Speed Presentation Award at Institute of Advanced Studies Student Researchers’ (IASSR) Conference 2017 in Charles Darwin University, and a Scholarship to present at the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils Australia (FECCA) Conference 2017 in Darwin.

I graduated with Bachelor of Arts in English and Economics, Uganda and MA in Communications Studies from the University of Nairobi in Kenya. Before moving to Australia, I had worked as research officer in various health projects for an international NGO in Kenya. Currently she is a member of FECCA Women's Advisory Committee.

PhD Project Title

The journey of African-born women from Intimate Partner Violence to seeking help.

Research Interests

  • Behaviour Change Communication
  • Community Health
  • Gender Studies
  • Immigration Studies
  • Ethnographic Research methods


Dr Kate Golebiowska, Principal Supervisor (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)
Associate Professor Emma Williams (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)
Dr Heather Gibb (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)
Professor Ruth Wallace (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)

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Publications & Resources

Conference Proceedings

Conference presentation at Institute of Advanced Studies Student Researchers’ Conference (IASSR) May 2017, at Charles Darwin University, publication forthcoming.

Sarah Ajowi


T: +61 8 8946 6823

Darwin, NT