Yuri Arvian

PhD Candidate

Yuri Arvian had been working totally for almost 25 years in a government institution, a global consultant company in Indonesia and a global bank organization in the USA. He completed his master’s degree in engineering management from The George Washington University, USA and then work at The World Bank, Washington DC, USA. He then moved to work at Global Consultant that based in Indonesia and then have some assignments to other countries such as some ASEAN countries and Brazil, South America. 

Then he had changed the work from the private sector to the public sector in which he had worked at Government institutions for Upstream Oil and Gas Business in Indonesia with supervising more than 300 upstream oil and gas company in Indonesia.

His last position was Senior Manager Data Management and during his tenure in Government Upstream Oil and Gas company. he had led some strategic Information Technology projects such as managing IT transition of the nations’ strategic project from one biggest upstream gas producer to the new operator and biggest state energy company Indonesia. Then, He had led a team on the event of improving public transparency by presenting The Oil and Gas Dashboard Lifting application and awarded an innovative award from the Ministry of Energy and the Natural Resources Republic of Indonesia.  His passion for the Energy sector brings him to research in renewable energy. energy transition and social-economic impact.

PhD Project Title

Social acceptability of Large-Scale Renewable Energy projects in the Northern Territory (NT)

Research Interests

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy transition
  • Social-economic impact


Professor Kerstin Zander, Principal (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)

Dr Deepika Matur, Principal (Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University)


Yuri Arvian