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Jackie received her PhD in Anthropology from the ANU in 2011. Her thesis examined the ways in which Indigenous Territorians engage with enterprise development as a means of pursuing self-defined community development agendas, and the different sets of values, social and economic practices, and contemporary modes of being, which inform this engagement. 

From 2008 to 2014 she worked at the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority, the statutory body created under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act. As a Research Office/Anthropologist and then as Research Manager, she worked collaboratively with traditional custodians from across the Arnhem Land coast to assist in the documentation and protection of their sacred sites. During this time she worked with several Indigenous land and sea management groups, and has moved to CDU in order to pursue new collaborative projects with these groups. Her current research focuses on Indigenous knowledge of the marine environment, and the management strategies deployed by coastal Indigenous groups. 

Research Interests

  • Contemporary issues affecting the management of Indigenous ‘saltwater country’
  • Contemporary Indigenous relationships to country, country-based planning, and land and sea management strategies
  • Indigenous marine knowledge
  • Livelihood aspirations of people living in remote North Australian communities
  • Emerging trends in Indigenous governance
  • Collaborative management of marine resources by government, industry and Indigenous sectors
  • Participatory Action Research/participatory mapping

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Research Projects

Current Projects

Cultural Mapping of the Layhapuy Indigenous Protected Area (IPA): using participatory cultural mapping methodologies, this research – in collaboration with Traditional Owners and the Yirralka Rangers – is identifying sites of cultural and ecological significance in Northern Blue Mud Bay.  

Crocodile Islands Maringa IPA Planning and Consultations: collaborative research with the Crocodile Islands Rangers and TOs to: identify land and sea management priorities within the proposed Crocodile Islands Maringa IPA; develop an IPA Plan of Management for the strategic pursuit of the identified management priorities; liaise with government and industry stakeholders to collaboratively manage the marine components of the IPA; and seek formal government recognition of the IPA.

Laynhapuy IPA Stage 2 Dedication: research to map out opportunities for collaborative management of the marine components of the Laynhapuy Stage 2 IPA.  This project involves engagement with a broad range of government (NT and Federal), commercial, community, statutory authority, NGO, and other marine stakeholders, to inform the development of a collaborative management framework for the sea country components of the Laynhapuy Stage 2 IPA.

Djelk Sea Country IPA Dedication: research to map out opportunities for collaborative management of the Djelk IPA.  This will involve stakeholder engagement and the development of a collaborative governance framework as per the Laynhapuy Stage 2 project (above).

Mapping Indigenous Ecological Knowledge of the Anindilyakwa Sea Country IPA: collaborative research project with the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences (AIMS) and Anindilyakwa Land Council (ALC) to identify Traditional Owner knowledge of the marine environment in parallel with an AIMS/ALC benthic mapping of the marine environment around Groote Eylandt.

Recent Projects

Warruwi Fisheries & Aquaculture Knowledge Project, delivering sustainable futures and protecting Warruwi's marine and coastal areas. For now, and for the generations after us. http://yagbaniac14.wix.com/aquacultureknowledgeproject

Publications & Resources

Book Chapters

Steenbergen, D., Gould, J., & Wickens, G. (accepted for publication). To ‘govern’ or ‘be governed’?: comparing roles and rights of indigenous groups in local governance of trepang fisheries in northern Australia and eastern Indonesia.  In S. Harwood et al. (Eds.) Northern Research Futures. Canberra: ANU Press.

Journal Articles

Smyth, D. et al. (2016). Indigenous-driven Co-governance of Sea Country Through Collaborative Planning and Indigenous Protected Areas. Indigenous Law Bulletin 8(26):15-20

Gould, J. (2015). Caught in the tides: the (re)development of a trepang (sea cucumber, Holothuria scabra) industry at Warruwi, Northern Territory.  Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 25(3):1-14.

Gould, J. (2011). Aboriginal Business: Alliances in a Remote Australian Town (book review).The Australian Journal of Anthropology, 22(1), 140-142.

Conference Proceedings & Papers

Gould, J. (2016). Seeing the sea: using maps to share knowledge of the Territory’s coast. Visualising Top End Research Conference, Darwin.

Sangha, K., Russell-Smith, J., Edwards, A., Yates, C., Gould, J., Michael, C., & James, G. (2015). Developing enterprise opportunities and resilience in remote north Australian communities. BNHCRC and AFAC Adelaide Conference 2015. 

Gould, J., Sithole, B., Campbell, A., James, G. & Sutton, S. (2014). Building Community Resilience to Natural Hazards in Northern Australia. BNHCRC and AFAC Wellington Conference 2014. 

Gould, J. (2007). Larrakia Business: the economics of identity in 21st century Darwin. Paper presented to the 2007 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, Canberra.

Gould, J. (2007). The front line and the bottom line: the politics of business in Indigenous Australia. Seminar presented at the School of Archaeology and Anthropology, ANU, Canberra.

Gould, J. (2006). Around in Circles? Attitudes and patters of kava use in a West Arnhem community.  Paper presented to the 2006 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, Cairns.

Gould, J. (2005). Sacred Politics – the implications of sacred site legislation in the Northern Territory.  Seminar presented at the School of Archaeology and Anthropology, ANU, Canberra.

Research Reports

Gould, J. (2015). Report on Consultations with Traditional Owners of the Crocodile Islands Indigenous Protected Area.  Northern Land Council and Crocodile Islands Rangers.

Gould, J. (2007). Custodianship of South Goulburn Island (Warruwi) and Other Site Related Issues. Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority, Darwin.

Gould, J. (2004). Geelong One Fire Reconciliation Group Inc. Community Survey.  Report to the One Fire Reconciliation Group Inc. and City of Greater Geelong, Geelong.

Gould, J. (2004). Latji Latji Oral History Project – Final Results (Vol. 1 and 2).  Report to the Department of Justice, Victoria.

Public Submissions & Reviews

Gould, J. (2015). Submission to the Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review, North Region.  Public submission to the Bioregional Advisory Panel, Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review, Department of Environment.

Media Coverage

Australian Sea Country Delegation to 4th International Marine Protected Area Congress (IMPAC4) 2017 - https://www.countryneedspeople.org.au/indigenous_rangers_at_impac_2017

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Supervision

Associate Supervision

  • Rens van der Vegt
  • Harriet Davis (UWA)
Dr Jackie Gould


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