Our teams

Dr Payi Linda Ford
Principal Research Fellow
Professor Barry Judd
Professor in Indigenous Social Research
Dr Kathy (Gotha) Guthadjaka
Senior Research Fellow & Elder on Country
Principal Research Fellow
Steven Bird
Professor Michael Christie
Principal Researcher
Professor Helen Verran
Senior Researcher & HDR Network Coordinator
Principal Research Fellow
Michaela Spencer
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Jackie Gould
CDU-AIMS Fellow (currently on maternity leave)
Mat Bettinson
Research Fellow
Cathy Bow
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Matt Campbell
Research Associate & PhD Candidate
Chloe Ngelebe Ford
Research Assistant
Emily Tyaemaen Ford
Junior Research Assistant
Emily Armstrong
Research Assistant and PhD Candidate
Sarah Ireland
Research and Evaluation Fellow
Associate Professor Chris Hallinan
Research Associate