Associate Professor Andrew Taylor

PhD, M.Bus, Grad Cert (Management), B.A.

Senior Research Fellow

Andrew researches the causes and consequences of population change for the Northern Territory of Australia and northern regions more broadly. He undertakes both quantitative and qualitative research to understand impacts from policy, economic and structural changes for communities. In his PhD he investigated policy and theoretical implications from changing migration practices for Indigenous Territorians. Prior to academia, Andrew worked for a decade with the Australian Bureau of Statistics. He currently teaches the masters level subject Topics in Human Geography.

Research Interests

  • Impacts from population changes in northern and sparsely settled areas
  • Population projections
  • Indigenous populations and changing demography
  • Policy implications for population change at  communities

Current Research Projects

Northern Territory Demographic Futures - In collaboration with Northern Territory Treasury, this research program examines the political, social and economic implications from the changing demography of the Northern Territory and its sub-populations including Indigenous peoples.

Ageing societies and communities in the Northern Territory and beyond - Rapid and large-scale population ageing is set to occur in the Northern Territory and across northern Australia in coming years. This will create both opportunities and challenges for communities and the economy. Our research aims to inform and assist governments and communities understand and formulate good policy in relation to social and economic issues around ageing. Central topics include what it means to age in place in northern and remote places, service and infrastructure needs, and differential patterns of ageing between Indigenous and other people.

Population projections modelling – We work with governments, councils and others to develop robust population projections, with an emphasis on the Northern Territory of Australia.

Understanding Indigenous population change – Significant population change is occurring for Indigenous Australian’s and this has demographic, social and economic implications for all Australia’s States and Territories. Our work seeks to inform communities and policy makers on key areas of change including life expectancies, changing rates of identification and migration.

Delivering better demographic data for modelling remote and regional Australia – Testing and teasing out unexplored associations between policies for remote area populations and the range of data which are collected and presented to represent them.

Understanding interstate migration flows, numbers and profiles – Northern and remote areas are subject to rapid and extreme patterns of interstate migration. Our research aims to develop a better understanding of the motivations and intentions of residents in relation to interstate movements and flows by age and gender, as well as exploration of a wide range of data on changing migration patterns across the broader spectrum of interstate and overseas migration.

Demographic issues for developing northern Australia – The Developing Northern Australia agenda is a major national investment in the future of northern communities. Initiatives must be informed by robust population analysis and projections of the range of potential impacts from policies and investment initiatives within the scope of Our North, Our Future (the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia).

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Supervision

Professional Positions, Memberships & Awards

  • Advisor to the Australian Government, Centre for Population (Australian Treasury)
  • Advisor - National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Demographic Statistics Expert Advisory Group (ABS)
  • Advisor - National Population and Social Statistics Advisory Group (ABS)
  • Member, Australian Population Association
  • Research Associate, TJ Ryan Foundation
  • 2018 - Winner - Charles Darwin University Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research, Team Award (Demography and Growth Planning)
  • 2017 - Winner - Charles Darwin University Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research, Early Career
  • 2015 - Winner - Charles Darwin University Library Open Access Award (for most open access publications)
  • 2014 - Winner - Charles Darwin University Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research, Early Career
  • 2013 - Winner - National Statistical Service award for Excellence in developing statistical capability within the Australian education and training sector

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Dr Andrew Taylor


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