Dr Ann E Fleming

Research Associate

Dr Fleming is manager of the Aquaculture Unit, within the Fisheries Group of the NT Government. In that role she manages the Unit's activities to actively encourage and facilitate the development of the aquaculture industry in the Territory. A significant part of her work involves leading the R&D programs and daily operational activities of the Darwin Aquaculture Centre, including research and development projects, commercial production of juvenile stocks, farm extension service, and collaborative projects with Industry, Indigenous clients and partner research providers. 

Dr Fleming's keen interest in supporting Indigenous livelihoods through sea-based aquaculture has led to a suite of collaborative research projects between the Aquaculture Unit and CDU. For instance, collaborative research with both TNI and RIEL has identified culturally-aligned ways of farming edible tropical oysters, trepang and giant fluted clams as well as culturally-integrated business management approaches that focus on community development through clan-based farming enterprises.


Journal Articles

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Anne Fleming


T: +61 8 8924 4268
E: anne.fleming@nt.gov.au

Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT