Dr Anthea Nicholls


Research Associate

Anthea has a background in theoretical chemistry and clinical biochemistry before she found her way into teaching, in a West Indian school in London.  As a teacher she later worked in rural Victoria but her eclectic background meant she soon gravitated to working in curriculum design and consultancy.

Political forces in Victoria in the 90s ended the teaching careers of many but after some salutary experiences in small business, she found her way back to teaching in the NT in the remote Indigenous town of Ramingining.  She completed a certificate in ATSI studies at CDU, in order to learn a local language, and subsequently a PhD based back in Ramingining, studying the life of the computer there, just as it was starting its translation from office desktops to people’s pockets.

Research Interests

  • The current techno-socio-political state of life worlds in Indigenous towns in remote Australia
  • Actor Network Theory as a legitimate metaphysics and vocabulary with which to talk about these life worlds within the academy
  • Ethnographic writing

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Research Projects

Current Projects

She is involved in a number of projects as a member of the GROUNDUP initiative, www.cdu.edu.au/centres/groundup

Building Supervisor Skills in CDEP in East Arnhem, (AKA Building Up Good Supervisor Skills, BUGSS)
This innovative program offers workshops and mentoring to a group of practising and aspiring supervisors, within the CDEP program as it currently exists in the towns across East Arnhem.  The project endorses ground-up, both-ways methodology. Its mentors live in community and work with the participants to build knowledge and skills that they have been helped - through the program - to identify as personal goals.

Publications & Resources

Journal Articles

Nicholls, A (2013). Following Actors: Enrolling the Vocabulary of Actor Network Theory to Talk about Internet Banking in a Remote Indigenous TownLearning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts, 13, 45-58.

Dr Anthea Nicholls


T: +61 8 8946 6976
E: anthea.nicholls@cdu.edu.au

Ramingining, NT