Emma Murphy

MA Applied Linguistics (University of New England)

Research Fellow

Emma Murphy has worked with First Nations communities around Australia, recently mainly in North East Arnhem Land. She started out in community development and cultural heritage before returning to uni to upskill in linguistics. She spent many years designing, delivering and managing training programs to share linguistics and language work skills and knowledge with and among First Nations language workers across Australia. Now, she enjoys working alongside First Nations colleagues and language authorities in the Top End, learning about their priorities and hopes for their languages, and assisting to design and carry out projects and research.

Research Interests 

  • Language maintenance and revitalisation
  • Doing liguistings collboratively and interculturally
  • Community-led langiage documentation and analysis
Emma Murphy researcher profile picture


T: 08 8946 6876
E: Emma.murphy@cdu.edu.au

Casuarina Campus
Darwin, NT