Greg Williams

M.Ed Studies, Grad Dip Ed, B.Sc.

Postgraduate Program Coordinator

Greg is the coordinator of the Master of Public Policy in the Northern Institute and he also works in the School of Indigenous Knowledges and Public Policy at CDU. He has worked as a lecturer affiliated with Charles Darwin University for over 20 years both in Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education. His interests lie in exploring appropriate pedagogies in inter-cultural contexts, particularly for Indigenous people learning in the field of natural and cultural resource management, and issues related to knowledge-making in inter-cultural contexts.

Research Interests

  • Pedagogies for intercultural contexts
  • Working with Indigenous people in natural and cultural resource management.
  • Affordances of technologies in learning spaces
  • 21st century learning space design.

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Publications & Resources


Williams, G. (Ed). (2011). Talking Back, Talking Forward: Journeys in Transforming Indigenous Educational Practice. Darwin, NT: Charles Darwin University Press.

Book Chapters

White, B., Williams, G., & England, R. (2014) Diverse Pictures of Learning; The Hidden Work of Shaping Next Generation Learning Spaces. In K. Fraser (ed.), The Future of Learning and Teaching in Next Generation Learning Spaces (pp. 23-46). London, UK: Emerald Group Publishing.

Williams, G. (1995). What is Critical Social Literacy? In C. Walton (ed.), Narratives of Resistance. Darwin, NT: Centre for Studies of Language in Education.

Journal Articles

Garnett, S., Williams, G., Ainsworth, G.B., & O’Donnell, M. (2010). Who owns feral camels? Implications for managers of land and resources in central Australia. Rangelands Journal, 32, 87 – 93.

Williams, G. (2007). Fishing licences as an opportunity…what can we learn about ourselves? Waves: Marine and Coastal Community Network Newsletter, July 2008.

Williams, G. (1999). Science, resource management and Indigenous people: potential signposts from education in northern Australia. Australian Biologist, 12(1), 23 - 27.

Conference Proceedings

Williams, G. (2009). Good Indigenous Pedagogy, Good Educational Sense! Proceedings of the 5th Pacific Rim International Indigenous Education, Honolulu, June 2009.

Williams, G., Tutty, J., & White, B. (2006). Mainstreaming Tablet PCs: Engaging First Year Learners’. Proceedings of the Ninth Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference, 12-14 July 2006, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland. 

Flanagan, R., &  Williams, G. (1998). The Languages of Caring for Country’, Proceedings of the UNESCO Education for the 21st Century Conference, May 1998, Melbourne, Victoria.

Conference Papers & Presentations

‘Aboriginal 21st Century Pedagogies: Great Pedagogies’ Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations Conference 2013, Darwin, Northern Territory –presented with Jaimee Hamilton and Larissa Pickalla, CDU. 

'Different Perceptions of Space: What are your perceptions of how Indigenous spaces may need to be conceptualised? Next Generation Learning Spaces Conference March 2012, Melbourne, Victoria – presented with Barbara White, CDU. 

‘Designing a Learning Commons for Indigenous Academic Space; What did we do and what did we learn?’ 2nd Annual Learning Commons Design and Development Forum, March 2011, Brisbane, Queensland, – presented with Barbara White, CDU. 

‘Teaching from SAIKS: Observations of Teaching from an Indigenous Academic Space’ Teaching on Country Seminar, August 2009, Darwin, Northern Territory. 

‘Good Indigenous Pedagogy, Good Educational Sense! The 5th Pacific Rim International Indigenous Education, Honolulu, June 2009. 

‘Through our own eyes first!: Understanding the embeddedness of resource management in social and cultural knowledges and practices.’ Joint AIATSIS/CDU Seminar Series 2007, presented at AIATSIS, Canberra, March 2007. 

‘Mainstreaming Tablet PC: Engaging First year Learners’ First Year Higher Education Conference, Gold Coast Queensland July 2006

Greg Williams


T: +61 8 8946 6467

Darwin, NT