Huw Brokensha

Research Associate

Huw’s research in understanding dynamic changes in populations stems from his work with both the Northern Territory Government and the Australian Government. Huw held an executive leadership role with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) where he provided advice to the national demographics section on the Territory’s population.

Research Interests

Huw’s research aims to analyse and present data in a way that is interesting and understandable to a broad audience. This includes using technological applications as tools for knowledge transfer. His research interests include:

  • Ageing in sparsely populated areas
  • Population migration and mobility patterns in rural/remote
  • Northern Australia’s demographic potential
  • Non-resident workforce
  • Demographics of First Peoples
  • Population projections

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Research Projects

Current Projects

ARC Discovery ProjectImproving Sub-national Population Forecasts
(Wilson, Rowe & Simpson) 

This project aims to make significant advances in two related areas of sub-national population forecasting: improving accuracy, and providing an indication of forecast uncertainty. This project will combine methods from a range of disciplines to devise more accurate ways of forecasting populations, and provide accompanying information on their likely error. 

Publications & Resources

Book Chapters

Peters, P., Taylor, A., Carson, D., & Brokensha, H. (2016). Sources of data for settlement level analyses in sparsely populated areas. In A.Taylor, D.B. Carson, P.C. Ensign, L. Husky, R. Rasmussen & G.Saxinger (Eds), Settlements at the Edge: Remote human settlements in developed nations (pp. 153-176). Gloucester, UK: Edward Elgar.

Journal Articles

Brokensha, H., Taylor, A., & Barnes, T. (in press). Changing Australia's age pension qualification age: modelling differential effects by race. Population Research and Policy Review. DOI: 10.1007/s11113-016-9418-9.

Taylor, A., Carson, D.B., Carson, D.A., & Brokensha, H.  (2015) ‘Walkabout' Tourism: The Indigenous tourism market for Outback Australia.  Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 24, 9–17

Conference Proceedings & Papers

Brokensha, H. (2014) When can Indigenous Territorians retire? Impacts from increasing the age pension qualifying age. Australian Population Association conference, Hobart.

Brokensha, H., & Taylor, A (2010) Which way to Weddell? Opportunities and challenges for the Northern Territory’s new satellite city. Australian Population Association conference, Gold Coast.

Research Reports

Brokensha, H., Barnes, T., & Taylor, A. (2016) National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Population Modelling. Darwin: Charles Darwin University.

Zeng, B., Brokensha, H., & Taylor, A. (2015) Now You See Us! A Report on the Policy and Economic Impacts from Rapid Growth in the Number of Senior Territorians.  Darwin, NT: Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University.

Research Briefs

Taylor, A., Payer, H. & Brokensha, H. (2015) The Demography of Developing Northern Australia. Research Brief 6, 2015.

Payer, H., Taylor, A., & Brokensha, H. (2015) A Demographic profile of International Migrants in Northern Australia. Research Brief 4, 2015.

Payer, H., Brokensha, H., & Taylor, A. (2015) Who cares? - Profiling carers in the Northern Territory. Research Brief 3, 2015.

Brokensha, H., & Taylor, A. (2015) When can Indigenous Territorians retire? Impacts from increasing the age pension qualifying age. Research Brief 1, 2015.

Carson, D., Brokensha, H., & Taylor, A. (2014) More or Less?: Implications from changes to statistical geographies for ‘local’ demographic research in the NT. Research Brief 10, 2014.

Brokensha, H., & Taylor, A. (2014) The Demography of the Territory's 'Midtowns': Katherine. Research Brief 2, 2014

Brokensha, H., & Taylor, A. (2014) The Demography of the Territory's 'Midtowns': Jabiru. Research Brief 1, 2014.

Brokensha, H., & Taylor, A. (2013) You’re the Voice! Youth voters in the NT: Disengaged or disinterested? Research Brief 7, 2013.

Brokensha, H., Taylor, A., & Carson, D. (2013) The Northern Territory’s Non-resident Workforce - one Census on. Research Brief 4, 2013.

Brokensha, H. (2010) Housing Alice: Changes and challenges to housing in Alice Springs. Research Brief 61, 2010.

Carson, D., Martel, C., Brokensha, H., & Taylor, A., (2010) Which way to Weddell?: Demographic challenges for Darwin’s new satellite city. Research Brief 57, 2010.

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Huw Brokensha


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