Dr Johanna Funk

PhD in Open Educational Practice, M.A. (Ed), B.Ed., B.A., Grad Cert Yolŋu Studies

Research Active Lecturer

As a professional in inner city schools in London, Johanna began to research how best to support marginalised learners within institutional systems in inner city schools in London. Moving to remote northern Australia has helped her to continue supporting learners’ skills in a range of contexts and fostered her PhD in Open Educational Practices with Indigenous Workforce development. Johanna is applying what she learnt to curriculum and learning design and lecturing in cultural knowledges in the College of Indigenous Futures at CDU. Supporting learners’ skills in a range of contexts led to her interest in how learning systems can function with acknowledgement of diversity. International working life and upbringing informed her interest in how the acknowledgement of learners’ identity can increase rich participation within educational, economic and social contexts.

She has worked with the Department of Education on the PreVET Project, helped develop initial foundations of CDU’s engagement in Open Educational Resources (OER), supported the building of Evaluation Research capacity at CDU campuses in Darwin and Alice Springs, Supported Elder-On-Country Kathy Guthadjaka’s Djurrwirr Science project,  holds a CDU Graduate Certificate in Yolŋu Studies.

Research Interests

  • Supporting learners from language background other than English (LBOTE), EAL/D, and ESL backgrounds.
  • Community Development of workforce capacity through Open Educational Practices (OEPs) and viable functional training programs
  • Using Open Platforms to enhance access to efficient and economical education and training solutions

Current Research Projects

  • GOGN Fellowship 2020-2021
    GO-GN is currently funded through the OER programme of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and administered by the Open Education Research Hub from the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University, UK.
    Johanna will focus her Fellowship research on a developmental evaluation of learning and OEP in core Humanities units and their impact on students’ employability skills and workforce readiness.
  • PhD: open For Whom ? open Educational practices in Indigenous Workforce Development and Learners. https://ris.cdu.edu.au/ws/portalfiles/portal/33375830/Thesis_CDU_33364393_Funk_J.pdf

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Johanna Funk


T: +61 8 8946 6819
E: johanna.funk@cdu.edu.au

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