Professor Lisa McManus

P.hD., B.Bus(Acc), B.Bus(Hons.IA), FCPA, FCMA, FAIM

Deputy Director

Prior to her 2013 appointment as Professor, Lisa was Associate Professor (2008-2013), Senior Lecturer (2006-2008) and Lecturer (2001-2006) at Griffith University.  Lisa was educated at Griffith University (Qld) obtaining an undergraduate accounting degree and a first class honours degree. 

In 2006, Professor McManus was awarded a PhD for her thesis titled: An Examination of Customer Accounting in an Australian Context.

Since her 2013 Professorial appointment at Charles Darwin University, Lisa was also appointed to the academic management positions of Head of School and Deputy Head of the CDU Business School. 

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Publications & Resources

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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Lisa McManus


T: +61 8 8946 8802

Darwin, NT