Liz Meggetto

PhD candidate, MPH, PostGradDipHlthProm, BNutrSc.

Senior Research Fellow

Liz Meggetto is in the final stage of a PhD to understand how health services operationalise organisational health literacy. Liz is experienced in realist review and evaluation, as well as other evaluation methods. Liz has a long history in healthcare, working as a health executive in Victoria for 10 years leading partnership approaches in health promotion and health system integration.

Research Interests

  • Realist review and evaluation
  • Health literacy at an organisation and systems level
  • Patient empowerment and person-centred care
  • Health equity and health promotion at a population level
  • Evaluation of continuous quality improvement in healthcare
  • Evaluation of partnership approaches for interventions
  • Evaluation techniques and methods
Liz Meggetto Headshot