Professor Michael Christie

Ph.D, M.A., B.Ed

Principal Researcher

Michael Christie is a Professor of Education and heads up the Contemporary Indigenous Governance and Knowledge Systems research theme at the Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University.

Professor Christie worked in Yolŋu communities as a teacher linguist in the 1970s and 1980s, and started the Yolŋu Studies program at Northern Territory University (now CDU) in 1994.  After working within the Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and the School of Education, he moved to the Northern Institute in 2010.

Research Interests

Michael's current research interests cover a range of collaborative transdisciplinary projects in Indigenous contexts which involve careful investigation into diverse knowledge practices and methods. A key part of collaborative transdisciplinary methodology is avoiding simplification into received categories, and maintaining research websites has become a key aspect of that work. 

  • Yolngu languages and culture
  • Yolngu philosophy and education
  • Transdisciplinary and indigenous research

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Research Projects

Publications & Resources

Book Chapters

Catherine, B., Christie, M. & Brian, D. (2017) Digital futures for Bilingual Books In Devlin, B., Disbray, S., and Devlin N.R.F (eds) Singapore: Springer History of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory  (pp. 347-54)

Christie, M. (2017) Developing Local curriculum Materials – Learning Metaphors, Insightful Collaborations, Community Involvement. In Devlin, B., Disbray, S., and Devlin N.R.F (eds) Singapore: Springer History of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory  (pp. 127-40)

Campbell, M., & Christie, M.(2016) Shopping at Pine Creek: Rethinking Both-Ways Education through the context of Remote Aboriginal Australian Ranger Training In Mizzi, .C., Rocco, T.S. and Shore, S (eds) Disrupting Adult and Community Education: Teaching, Learning and Working in the Periphery. Albany: State University of New York.

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Journal Articles

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Research Reports

Spencer, M., Christie, M., Spencer, M., Verran, H., (2017) Indigenous Languages, Culture and Knowledge Services Workforce, Business Opportunities in an Emergent NT Services Economy

Spencer, M., Christie, M., Lee, A. & Wallace, R. (2016) Helping and caring, not only our family: NT Indigenous perspectives on volunteering. Australian Red Cross.

Christie, M. & Wallace, R. (2016) Disaster Resilience, Management and Preparedness in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities in Darwin and Palmerston, Final Report. Charles Darwin University (CDU).

Christie, M. & Campbell, M. (2013) ‘More than a Roof Overhead - Consultations for Better Housing.’  Report from the ARC Project More than a Roof Overhead.

Christie, M. (2010) ‘Milingimbi Water: Djäka gapuw ŋamathaŋ – Care properly for our Water: Report to the NT Power and Water Corporation’

Christie, M., Greatorex, J., Guyula, Y., Cathcart, J., Weeren., Cook, J. , Gurruwiwi, D. & Garŋgulkpuy, J. (2010) ‘Primary Health Care Reform Group: East Arnhemland Client Education and Health Interpreting Scoping Study’

Christie, M., Greatorex, J., Gurruwiwi, D., Djirrimbilpilwuy, F., Galathi, J., Gapany, D., Garŋgulkpuy, J., Guthadjaka, K., Gurrumuwuy, C., Gumbula, I., Lawurrpa, E., Dhamarrandji, M., Gumbula, M., Nyuŋunyuŋu, M., Gaykamaŋu, W., & Guyula, Y. (2009)  ‘Regulated Gambling and Problem gambling Among Aborigines from Remote Northern Territory Communities: A Yolŋu Case Study’ for the NT Department of Justice

Campbell, M. & Christie, M. (2008) ‘Indigenous Community Engagement at Charles Darwin University’ report to the CDU Office of the PVC Community and Engagement

Trevor, V., Cathcart, J., Guyula, Y., Gumbula, I., Gumbula, M., Rami, G., Greatorex, J. & Christie, M. (2008) ‘An Evaluation of the ANZ-TCU Financial Literacy project Jan 2006-July 2007’,

Maypilama, Garnggulkpuy, Christie, M., Greatorex, J. & Grace, J. (2004). ‘Yolngu Long-grassers on Larrakia Land: First Language Research Report for the Community Harmony Project Darwin and Palmerston.’

Awards & Memberships


2011Northern Territory Australian of the Year
2010The Artful Integration Award from the 11th Biennial Participatory Design Conference
2008 - 2009National Fellowship, Australian Learning and Teaching Council
2008NT Government Research and Innovation McArthur River Mine Indigenous Innovation Award for 'Homeland micro e-business: e-learning champions for family-level businesses on very remote Indigenous communities'
2007Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Exceptional Performance in Research
2005Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Tertiary Teaching, awarded for the Yolngu studies teaching program
2005Business-Higher Education Round Table national award for best research collaboration with a CRC awarded for the 'Sharing the True Stories' Research
2002Wyeth Prize for best research article published in the Medical Journal of Australia
1988Winner NT Red Earth short story award

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Supervision

Current students

  • Anthea Nicholls: The Social Life of a Computer at Ramingining
  • Hayashi Yasunori: The Collaborative On-Line Representation of Gupapuyŋu history and culture
  • Robyn Williams: Cultural Safety
  • Julie Crough: Caring for country: Tools and resources
  • Adam Heaton: Anti-racist education
  • Lisa Hall:  Pathways into Teacher Education for indigenous adults
  • Sharon Gierus: Maths education in kindergarten
  • Robyn Ober: Aboriginal English
  • Kathy McMahon: Teaching maths
  • Adam Macfie: Assessing Cultural Significance
  • Alison Reedy:  Indigenous learners online
Professor Michael Christie


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