Vale Mike Harrison

Senior Research Fellow

In July 2017, we lost Mike Harrison suddenly. 

Mike was a much loved colleague, friend & mentor whose commitment to the Territory shone through his life’s work. Mike had a huge impact on the Northern Institute family, as well as the Northern Territory. Mike touched so many lives. He was always a support for early career researchers and experienced managers as they negotiated the challenges of working in the NT. He brought his vast experience in Aboriginal governance and business to NI’s research community. He will be remembered for his work supporting Aboriginal people to organise and grow their businesses on country and his contribution to the VET sector where his initiatives helped grow generations of Territorians working across the country. Mike made a difference to so many lives here and across the NT and beyond. He was a wonderful and generous man who will be remembered with much love and many smiles. Mike is sadly missed by his Northern Institute family. 

Areas of Interest

  • Cultural Competence and Workforce Planning and Development
  • Regional Development, especially for Indigenous people
  • Workforce Development
  • Governance
  • Policy Development for Northern Australian contexts
Mike Harrison