Professor Ridwanul Hoque

PhD (London), LLM (Cambridge), LLM (Chittagong)

University Fellow

Ridwanul Hoque is a Professor of Law at the University of Dhaka. He was educated at London, Cambridge, and Chittagong. He was an Endeavour Fellow (2015) in the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies at Melbourne Law School and a Fulbright Fellow at Cornell Law School (2013). He has also held visiting research and teaching positions at La Trobe University Law School and National Law University, Delhi. Professor Hoque is a leading scholar of South Asian constitutional law, specializing in comparative constitutional law and theory. He has special interest in ‘inclusive constitutionalism’ including indigenous constitutional inclusion. He has written a much-acclaimed book –Judicial Activism in Bangladesh: A Golden Mean Approach (Cambridge Scholars, 2011) –and over thirty articles in prestigious law journals and edited volumes. He has provided several expert reports for the UK, USA, and Australian courts on different Bangladeshi law questions, prominently the law of citizenship. Professor Hoque has been widely consulted by government ministries and international organisations on a wide range of issues relating to human trafficking, child rights, women’s rights, and international labour migration. He has just concluded a major project on the protection of Rohingya refugees from human trafficking.

Research Interests

  • Comparative constitutional law and theory
  • South Asian constitutional law
  • Judiciary and judicial agency/activism
  • Inclusive constitutionalism and indigenous constitutional inclusion
  • Statelessness and citizenship
  • Rohingya refugee protection
  • Human rights of vulnerable groups
  • Human trafficking and migration
  • Law of compensation (Torts)
  • Domestic application of international law

Current Projects 

  • Constitutional Foundings in South Asia, a book project to be jointly edited with Kevin Tan (Centre for Asian Legal Studies, National University of Singapore)
  • Legal regime of Rohingya refugee protection in Bangladesh (a Refugee Solidarity Network project)
  • Citizenship-deprivation as an anti-terrorism tool in Australia and the United Kingdom (a law journal article in progress)
  • Judicial review of original constitutions (a joint article with Richard Albert & Yaniv Roznai)
  • Civil (tort) remedies for sexual harassment in South Asia (a law journal article in progress)
  • A critical review of the Northern Territory Native Title Compensation decision (Griffith v N.T.) of the Australian High Court (work just initiated)

Professional Positions, Memberships, Awards & Media Coverage

  • Endeavour Fellow, CCCS, Melbourne Law School (2015)
  • Fulbright Scholar, Cornell Law School (2013-2014)
  • Member, Asian Constitutional Law Association
  • Recipient of Bangladesh Grants Commission Awards (2006, 2009)
  • Member, International Advisory Board, South Asia Research
  • Member, International Editorial Board, Asian Journal of Law and Policy
  • Interview: “On dual British-Bangladeshi citizenship and terrorism”, BBC Radio 4 (Today), 21 Feb. 2019.
  • Interview: “The risk of abusive constitutionalism”, the Daily Star, Dhaka, 7 Nov. 2017: <>.

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Dr Ridwanul Hoque


University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh