Rohan Fisher

MSC - PhD in progress

Research Development Officer

Rohan has worked with satellite data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the last 30 years, initially for CSIRO in Canberra, and subsequently for the Northern Territory government in Alice Springs and Darwin. For the last 18 years, he has worked as a Research Fellow at Charles Darwin University/Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research (DCBR) focusing on GIS and Remote Sensing tools for natural resource management and good governance in Eastern Indonesian and best practice savanna fire management in Northern Australia. 

His current research and training development work is focused on developing Projection Augmented Landscape Models; using low tech tools to create dynamic spatial holograms of country.

Research Interests

  • Landscape simulations for cross cultural learning
  • Learning through complex systems simulation games.
  • Fire information training and communication for best practice fire management.
  • Capacity building for the application of spatial information and local knowledge.
  • Eastern Indonesian application for the decentralisation of tech skills for good governance.
  • STEM and teaching through tactile/digital games.

Current Research Projects

    1. Fire information provision through the North Australian Fire Information web service.
    2. In schools STEM program using 4D projection augmented fire simulations.
    3. Mirima National Park (Parks W.A) fire information support through 4D projection augmented fire simulations.
    4. NLC/Gundjeihmi - Ranger mine rehab indigenous consultation support
    5. North Kimberly fire project historic mapping, GIS training, 3D visualisation project.
    6. 4D fire simulations for Olkala Indigenous protected area Cape York
    7. Supporting risk reduction through the provision of on-line high resolution burnt area mapping for Greater Darwin and Katherine.
    8. Supporting water use communication with Centre Farm, Mataranka and Ali Curung.


    • 2019 Universities Australia AAUT Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning
    • 2018 Australian Financial Review National Higher Education Awards, Education Technology Category.
    • 2018 Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography Best Paper Prize.
    • 2017 Northern Territory NRM researcher of the year.
    • 2015 Charles Darwin University contribution to teaching award.
    • 2015 Best Collaboration in NRM Award, Northern Territory.

    Media Coverage

    2021  |  Radio Interview: ABC Radio, Working on Country with Fire. 10 August 2021. 
    2021  |  News Feature: ABC News Darwin, Fire Modelling PALM. 9 August 2021.
    2021  |  News Feature: Channel 9 News Darwin, PALM, Fire Modelling. 9 August 2021.
    2018  |  Magazine Article: Charles Darwin University, Origin Research Magazine, Edition 1, Imagineering in the Third Dimension.
    2017  |  Radio Interview: ABC Country Hour, Fire Simulation. 7 December 17.