Stephen Neale

Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training - Charles Sturt University, NSW

Senior Research Fellow Innovation and Development

Stephen Neale is a motivated and personable business professional with extensive experience as a project manager, as an educator, and as a business owner. Stephen is well-versed in project management methodologies, risk management, project planning, team building and communication. Stephen also has vast experience in the hospitality industry. He owned and operated several award winning restaurants and established a not for profit food and wine producers group, which promoted produce grown and value added in Western NSW.

Stephen has been with the Northern Institute since November 2016, and is currently researching and developing a project using LoRa technology in the Northern Territory. Prior to this he worked for the Northern Territory Department of Education managing various projects including developing online educational resources aimed at students from remote communities.

Research Interests

  • Vocational and Online Education
  • Emerging Technology
  • Alternate Solution Design
  • Food and Wine

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Research Projects

Current Projects

Developing a LoRaWAN network for research use and developing a  2 stage Proof of Concept using LoRa technology through tagging cattle with a LoRa sensor to monitor cattle behaviours in the paddock identified for live export and tracking from paddock to overseas destination to measure various elements that relate to the health and well-being of the cattle including on farm resources.
This is to be established on a small farm enterprise to test the technology and for reliable, valid data to address the research outcomes and inform practical solutions to industry challenges.
This project will utilise the following sensors:

  • Cattle tags – LoRa ear tags attached to selected cattle to track movement patterns and behaviour
  • Water supply sensors -  to monitor water tanks and Dam levels to minimise manual observations and to develop a plan to automate the replenishing of water supplies. e.g. Water salinity is generally the most important water quality limitation for livestock as they can refuse to drink water leading to loss of production. Excessive saline water may cause salt poisoning in livestock. Also bush fire run off can alter water supplies making water acidic causing issues for cattle.
  • Soil sensor – to monitor soil composition to determine the soil nutrient profile is to undertake a soil test. This will reveal important attributes of soil fertility which may influence pasture species selection and fertiliser requirements.
  • Weather station- to collect reliable valid and cost effective data on a site-specific location rather than relying on weather forecasts that can be some distance away.
  • Personal GPS tracker – to be utilise to track personnel when working alone including help button and fall sensor
  • Asset tracker- to track asset movement and implement with geofencing be notified if farming equipment moved outside specific boundaries.

Optional sensors – currently in prototype stage 

  • Cattle scales linked to LoRa cattle tag identification

Stage 2:

Implementation of a trial in the NT in conjunction with NT primary industry cattle project and other industry partners with solutions to cover the challenges associated with the NT e.g. the vast distances use of drones or mobile gateway technology.
This will be implemented using lessons learnt from previous stage to inform the strategy to be used in the NT due to it specific differences to southern methods of cattle management.

Stephen Neale


T: +61 8 8946 6538