Dr Supriya Mathew

Ph.D, M.Tech, M.Sc

University fellow

Supriya is a multi-disciplinary researcher whose research interest is in addressing the research gap between climate sciences and adaptation decision-making. She is currently examining suitable adaptation pathways for industries and communities in Australia. Prior to joining CDU, she worked in a NCCARF funded project at Macquarie University, Sydney to develop an excel-based decision-making tool to assist local governments’ prioritise adaptation options. Her doctoral research involved local government collaborators in Australia and India and developed a decision framework that enabled adaptation decision-making to extreme climatic events.

Research Interests

  • Effects of climate change on health
  • Heat stress mitigation through vegetation
  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of climatic impacts
  • Decision-making under uncertainty
  • Catastrophic risk modelling and risk management
  • Climate adaptation by institutions and communities in Australia and  India
  • Understanding and addressing barriers to adaptation actions
  • Assessing energy crisis for remote Australia and adaptation pathways

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Research Projects

Current Projects

NCCARF (National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility) projects with Macquarie University - $120,000
Project 1: Exploring various valuation methods in climate adaptation decision-making
Project 2: Role of monitoring and evaluation in climate adaptation decision-making

CDU Menzies Collaborative Grant project - Identifying the impact of extreme heat on high rates of pre-term birth, low birth-weight and peri-natal mortality amongst Central Australians, with the Menzies School of Health Research. $40,000

Northern territory International Education and Training Hub project - Role of international student awards and ambassador programmes in Australian states and territories, NT Department of Education consultancy. $12,000

Faculty of Law, Education, Business & Arts small grant - Exploring the role of native plants and bush plants in mitigating heat stress, with Monash University and Ninti one. $5,000

Recent Projects

CRC Remote Economic Participation project - Climate change adaptation and energy futures in remote Australia.
The project seeks solutions that can be implemented by households and businesses to reduce the intensity of climate change impacts and identify opportunities for ‘carbon’ enterprises in remote Australia

Publications & Resources


Mathew S., Henderson-Sellers A., & Taplin R. (2011). Prioritising climatic change adaptation investment at local government levels. In  W.l. Filho (ed.), Social, Economic and Political Elements of Climate Change (pp. 733-751). Berlin: Springer.

Trueck S., Bradford W., Henderson-Sellers A., Mathew S., Scott J., Street M., & Taplin R. (2010). Assessing climate change adaptation options for local governments. In Y. You and A. Henderson-Sellers (eds.), Climate Alert: Climate change monitoring and strategy (pp. 362-400). Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Book Chapters

Maru, Y., Mathew, S., Race, D., & Spandonide, B. (under review) Renewable energy use in remote central Australia. Invited chapter for G. Chen (ed.), Geothermal, Wind & Solar Energy Applications in Agriculture & Aquaculture (Sustainable Energy Developments series). CRC Press (Francis & Taylor Group).

Zander, K., Maru, Y.T., Race, D., Mathew, S., & Rainbird. (2016, forthcoming) Perceptions about climate change impacts and adaptation- case studies form Northern Australia. In S. Harwood, R. Gerritsen, B. Prideaux, T. Brewer, L. Rosenman, & A. Dale (Eds.), Northern Research Futures. Canberra: ANU Press.

Journal Articles

Race, D., Dockery, M., Havas, L., Matthews, C., Mathew, S., & Spondanide, B. (in press). Re-imagining the future of desert Australia: : Designing an integrated pathway for enhancing liveability. Journal of Sustainable Development.

Keighley, T., Longden, T., Mathew, S., & Trueck, S. (under review). Quantifying catastrophic and climate impacted hazards based on local expert opinions. Disasters.

Race, D., Mathew, S., Campbell, M., & Hampton, K. (under review). Understanding climate adaptation investments for communities living in desert Australia: Experiences of indigenous communities. Climatic Change. 

Mathew, S., Lee, L.S., & Race, D. (2016). Conceptualising climate change adaption for native bush food production in arid Australia. Learning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts [Special Issue: Synthesis & Integration], 19, 98-115. doi: 10.18793/LCJ2016.19.07. 

Race, D., Mathew, S., Campbell, M., & Hampton, K. (2016). Are Australian Aboriginal communities sustainably adapting to warmer climates? A study of communities living in semi-arid AustraliaJournal of Sustainable Development, 9(3), 208-223. doi: 10.5539/jsd.v9n3p208.

Mathew, S., Trueck, S., & Henderson-Sellers, A. (2012). Kochi, India case study of climate adaptation to floods: ranking local government investment options. Global Environmental Change, 22(1), 308-319.

Conference Proceedings & Papers

Mathew, S., Henderson-Sellers, A., & Matthew, I. (2012). Decision making frameworks for adaptation to extremes in two local government areas: comparing and contrasting India and Australia. In K. Otto-Zimmermann (ed.), Resilient Cities 2, Cities and Adaptation to Climate Change - Proceedings of the Global Forum 2011 (pp. 295-304). Springer.

Mathew, S., Rao, K.G., Chourasia, M., Parameswaran, K., Rao, D.N., Jagannath, K.S., Krishnamurthy, B.V., Rajeev, K., Suresh-Raju, C., & Chakravarthy, S.C. (2009). Links between tropopause variations and the boundary layer processes during the transition to South west monsoon. In K.G. Rao & R. Sridharan (eds.), CAWSES-India Scientific Results National Science Workshop Proceedings (Climate and Weather of Sun and Earth System) (pp. 169-186). Bangalore, India: Indian Space Research Organisation.

Research Reports

Trueck, S., Truong, C., & Mathew, S. (2016, under review). Exploring various valuation methods in climate adaptation decision-making.

Mathew, S., Trueck, S., & Truong, C. (2016, under review).  Role of monitoring and evaluation in climate adaptation decision-making.

Mathew, S. (2015). Role of international student awards and ambassador programmes in Australian states and territories. Report prepared for the NT Department of Education.

Keighley, T., Longden, T., Mathew, S. & Truck, S. (2014). Quantifying Catastrophic and Climate Impacted Hazards based on Local Expert Opinions (Climate Change and Sustainable Development Series, Nota di Lavoro 93.2014). Milan, Italy: Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei.

Taplin, R., Henderson-Sellers, A., Trueck, S., Mathew, S., Weng, H., Street, M., Bradford, W., Scott, J., Davies, P., & Hayward, L. (2010). Economic evaluation of climate change adaptation strategies for local governments: Ku-ring-gai council case study. Macquarie University external collaboration research grants scheme report.

Trueck, S., Mathew, S., Henderson-Sellers, A., Taplin, R., Keighley, T., & Chin, W. (2013). Climate Adaptation Decision Support Tool for Local Governments: CATLog: Developing an Excel Spreadsheet Tool for Local Governments to compare and prioritise investment in climate change adaptation. Gold Coast, QLD: National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility.

Trueck, S., Mathew, S., Henderson-Sellers, A., Taplin, R., Keighley, T., & Chin, W. (2013). Handbook CATLog: Climate adaptation decision support tool for local governments -Prioritising climate change adaptation investments for local governments with particular focus on extreme events. Gold Coast, QLD: National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility.

Supriya Mathew


T: +61 8 8959 5449
E: supriya.mathew@cdu.edu.au

Alice Springs NT