Red Dirt Teaching – developing the right workforce for remote schools, NI People Policy Place Seminar 2015

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Presenter:  Dr Samantha Disbray, Senior Researcher, Northern Institute - Central Australian Research Group

Date: Jul 21, 2015

Time: 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Contact person:  Katrina Britnell, Partnerships Coordinator
T: 08 8946 6838

Location:  Yellow Building 1, Level 2, Room 48 (Red Room), Northern Institute, Casuarina Campus, CDU


Abstract: The Remote Education Systems (RES) project, within the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation, has gathered and analysed qualitative data directly from over 230 remote education stakeholders and from more than 700 others through surveys over the last four years.

Four research questions guided the study:

  1. What is education in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities?
  2. What defines ‘successful’ educational outcomes from the remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander standpoint?
  3. How should teaching and learning look to achieve ‘success’ as defined by this standpoint?
  4. What would an effective education system in remote Australia look like?

The findings show the significance of developing and fostering local identity in schooling, community involvement in education, the role of home language and culture in teaching and learning, multilingual learning and English as a second language pedagogy, along with cultural safety and well-being.

This seminar details and relates findings to gaps in existing research, policy and implementation in education delivery, and explores innovative ways to develop the workforce to respond to the remote context.

In a following seminar ‘Teacher quality and qualities: what matters for remote schools?’ (School of Education, Charles Darwin University, August 21) we further develop this topic, examining the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and their role in addressing the workforce development for remote schools.

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