Northern Australia Research and the Northern Institute: the past, present and future

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Presenter:  Professor Ruth Wallace

Date: Sep 08, 2015

Time: 3:00pm

Contact person:  Dr Sharon Harwood
T: 43421703

Location:  B1.031, Cairns

Professor Ruth Wallace is the Director of the Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University. Ruth leads the Workforce Development, Migration and Pathways to Learning theme which focuses on collaborative approaches to workforce development and engagement with community, governments and industry. Ruth is also the ‘Secure Futures’ Program Leader for the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre, with a focus on building resilience through community engagement and collaborative knowledge and management systems for biosecurity surveillance. In addition to these roles Ruth manages the Northern Futures Collaborative Research Network (CRN) involving the Australian National University, James Cook University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science and Charles Darwin University. The CRN is a partnership that creates a national program of collaborative social, coastal/marine and environmental research and innovation in the northern Australian region.

In this seminar Professor Wallace will provide an overview of the research that both the Northern Institute and the CRN have undertaken to date and provide a futuristic perspective on what she thinks the future research agenda for Northern Australia may include.

The Cairns venue is B1.031, with a live video link to the Townsville Audiovisual Services Room 009-001

Afternoon tea to follow.