econ-papers-cover Research Briefs: Informing the Territory Economic Summits

Northern Institute is producing a series of research papers that outline the key challenges in economic development for the NT government, demonstrating CDU's leadership, expertise and research in this area.  The NT Economic Summits will shape the future development of the Northern Territory by developing an economic framework and long-term vision that will form the basis for our long-term decision making.


lcj-coverLearning Communities: International Journal of Learning in Social Contexts

The Learning Communities Journal publishes articles which advance our knowledge and understanding of social contexts in Australia and internationally with an emphasis on the socio-cultural dimensions of learning in these different contexts and configurations. We strive towards the publication of high-quality articles through the engagement of expert referees in a double-blind peer review process.  

brief-coverResearch Briefs Series

A series of short papers reporting readily digestible summaries of research results on topical issues for the Northern Territory and beyond. Topics include demography and growth planning, and workforce development and migration, with others being progressively added.
The papers are peer reviewed in house and available for download.

ev-coverEvaluative Voices Series

Evaluative Voices is a peer-reviewed publication of short papers and longer pieces on aspects of theory and praxis. Themes reflect the Northern Institute’s context and priorities, with a special focus on realist evaluation, evaluative thinking, strategic and policy evaluation, Indigenous evaluation methodologies, and evaluation in northern Australia and its regional neighbours.

red-cross-coverResearch Reports & Working Papers

The Northern Institute is building a profile that adds value to research by using innovation to unravel complex social policy issues. Sourcing, supplying and reporting on data to address critical and sensitive issues for society, community and stakeholders is central to the output of the Northern Institute and in turn, produces the next generation of research knowledge and innovations.

Research Posters

Gawa Yolnu Flowers & Fruits. The flowers and fruits poster records key species on Gotha’s ancestral land at Gäwa.  Young people learn to identify the changing seasons, particularly the changing breezes, from the various species as they bloom and fruit throughout the year. Every species has its place and its time. 

Gawa Yolnu Seasons. This Seasonal Calendar is the product of a workshop held to explore ideas for how the Gawa community can both develop and keep Yolnu culture alive and strong. It is now being used as a basis of curriculum in the Gawa school and has been made available to the general public.