Regional and Remote Service Delivery Initiative


This initiative aims to support agencies working to improve service delivery by providing accurate and relevant data analysis and research. The initiative would partner with service delivery agencies to identify and undertake research on sensitive topics and in complex contexts. The research would be undertaken to inform decision making and while independent, publication is undertaken only where mutually agreed. 

The mix of specialists and generalists at the Northern Institute and in the Northern Australian policy sector will utilise government and academic resources to theoretically test complex and apparently intractable policy challenges, building the capacity within government and fostering a research to policy engagement legacy.

The initiative is underpinned by a commitment to building trust and reciprocity that is critical to collaborative public policy and remote service delivery. The success is demonstrated through impact on service delivery outcomes and stronger partnerships between researchers and policy makers. This could be reflected in secondments, joint research applications, projects of shared interest, increasing capacity and qualifications of NTG staff and the capacity of researchers to understand and work effectively with policy realities.