SPADE (Sparsely Populated Areas DEmography Research Network)


spade SPADE was established by the Northern Institute in March 2015 to recognise the strong international collaborations that have developed over the past ten years that have contributed to our expertise in undertaking demographic and related research in sparsely populated areas.

SPADE recognises past efforts and encourages continuing collaboration for the work that we do, SPADE also aspires to open new avenues to fund future collaborations.

SPADE provides occasional updates on research activity which may be of interest to the network (arising from, or contributing to, our collaborative projects), and will provides a port of call if you are seeking contributors to book projects, assistance for graduate students, reviewers for publications, opportunities for visiting fellowships and so on.

SPADE welcomes new participants!  We welcome any researcher with an interest in the human geography of sparsely populated areas – this is a demography network, not just a demographer’s network!

SPADE is currently chaired by Professor Dean Carson (Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University, Akademi Norr, and the Centre for Rural Medicine in Storuman, Sweden) and co-chaired by Professor Ruth Wallace, Director of Northern Institute, Darwin, Australia.




Production of the book, Demography at the Edge (2011, Ashgate Publishing);

The Beyond Periphery symposia in Darwin and Whyalla, Australia (2010);

Special issues of journals

  • Sustainability (2010)
  • Journal of Rural and Community Development (2011)
  • Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government (2011)
  • Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism (2014);

The Urban North symposium in Darwin, Australia (2013);

The Thriving Northern Communities symposium in Storuman, Sweden (2014);

Production of the forthcoming books

  • Settlements at the Edge (Edward Elgar)
  • Demography of Disasters (Ashgate)

Planning for the forthcoming symposium The Future of Northern Settlements, Vilhelmina, Sweden, Autumn 2015;

Researcher exchanges, guest lectures and visiting fellowships;

Graduate student workshops and thesis evaluations;

Successful and submitted grant applications.



To join the SPADE Research Network or to find out more please contact Professor Dean Carson or follow us on Facebook