Studying in Learnline

Learning learning videos CDU Tracy Woodroffe

Short videos to assist ALL students new to CDU and Learnline + Lecturers. 


Student Support Video 1:

Early Access to Learnline


Feeling supported in your study of a unit begins with early access to Learnline before the semester starts. Early access to learnline will give you:

● an opportunity to orientate yourself to the style of the online platform

● to find and purchase a required set text

● to read through and understand the plagiarism expectations

● to see the assessments required in the unit

● to check the due dates in your diary

● and to introduce yourself to other students in the Discussion Board

Student Support Video 2:

Study Expectations and Marking of Assessments


In learnline you can have a look at your unit assessment requirements. These will help you to understand what assessment tasks you are required to do during the semester.

You must attempt all assessments in a unit to be eligible to complete the unit successfully.

Each assessment task has an associated marking rubric. Reading through these carefully will help you to understand the standard of work expected by the lecturer, and the marking criterion by which your work will be assessed.

If in doubt, contact your lecturer to clarify.

Student Support Video 3:

Discussion Board


The Discussion Board is a place for students to engage in group conversation about the weekly unit learning materials.

The purpose of the Discussion Board is to help create a sense of supportive learning community in a sometimes-isolating online space.

Sometimes Discussion Board posts can be marked as part of the assessment requirements for the unit.

Your lecturer will outline what the expectations are to engage with the Discussion Board.

It is important for you to be familiar with these expectations particularly the rigour and formality required.

It is also important to be aware of the ‘netiquette’ or expected behaviours for respectful communication.

Student Support Video 4:

Alignment of Student and Lecturer Expectations


As a student at CDU, your success depends on knowing what is expected of you, and then being able to meet these expectations.

As a student at CDU, you will have your own expectations of your lecturer and standards of work required.

Sometimes your expectations can be very different from your lecturers' expectations. This can be stressful.

In order to align your expectations with the expectations of your lecturer it is important to be fully informed about the following important aspects of study:

● the weekly announcements

● the module materials

● your lectures

● your readings

● any other communications from your lecturer

Quite often it is a challenge to keep up with everything required but you will need to make your best effort to meet this challenge.

If you only do part of what is expected, then you only know part of the story.

If you have missed something and are experiencing difficulties, it is best to contact your lecturer and clarify the situation as soon as possible.


About the project:

These 'Studying in Learnline' videos were written and produced by Dr Tracy Woodroffe with the technical support of Will Tinapple & Education Animations. The project was funded by *SSAF (CDU Student Services and Amenities Fees) to help students feel supported in understanding procedures relating to study and marking of assessments. These learning tools allow students to be informed about expectations and also to have a clear understanding of how Learnline and the Discussion Board is used to create supportive learning environments. Students have a more informed understanding of their own expectations and how these align with lecturer expectations and CDU policies and procedures.