The Persuasive Art of Grant Writing

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Presenter:  Wendy Noble

Date: Aug 19, 2015

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Contact person:  Tracy Hooker
T: 08 8946 6402

Location:  Red 9.1.45 (Menzies building training room, Casuarina Campus)

This workshop is designed for early career researchers as well as seasoned researchers in an open exchange of collegial knowledge and grant writing experience. It is relevant to members of all departments in the Faculty – both quantitative and qualitative researchers, scientists and social scientists.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Redraft and peer review a one hundred word project summary and national benefit statement in a way designed to provide reviewers, and the general public, with a clear idea about the merits of their project.
  • Analyse and apply lessons learnt from sample texts of successful ARC grant applications in order to compellingly argue the case for funding throughout all sections of a grant application
  • Learn to be persuasive using competency claims to mitigate against the tendency in academic writing to ‘play down’ rather than ‘boost’ one’s research.

Participants are asked to bring to the workshop:

  • project title
  • one hundred word project summary
  • summary of national or social benefit