A Northern Perspective: Northern Australian Development Conference 2014 - Canberra

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Presenter:  Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University

Date: Nov 27, 2014

Time: 8:30am to 2:00pm

Contact person:  Katrina Britnell
T: 08 8946 6838
E: katrina.britnell@cdu.edu.au

Location:  Barton Theatre, Crawford Institute, Australian National University

Target audience:  All Welcome

This conference is hosted by Northern Research Futures Collaborative Research Network Program (CRN), a joint collaboration between Charles Darwin University, Australian National University, James Cook University, Australian Institute of Marine Science, and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education.

The Northern Research Futures alliance aimed to develop a program of national collaborative social and coastal/marine and environment research and innovation in the northern Australian region.

This conference will showcase the work that has been developed over the years through the Northern Research Futures CRN, it will address public dialogue that underpins robust and flexible planning and policy frameworks around the future of Northern Australia.  Areas to be addressed include social infrastructure, governance systems, economic, business and regional development, the roles and trends of demography, and migration in the region. 

Registeration and more information: www.cdu.edu.au/northern-institute/nad-conference-2014-canberra

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