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College alumni

In response to high alumni demand for graduate studies, the College has been developing our Learning and Teaching Plan in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. New courses have been announced, including maternal critical care, mental health and health services management, commencing in 2020. 

In 2021, the College is proposing a Master of Clinical Nursing, as well as specialist qualifications in priority areas such as dementia, renal health and primary health care. We are working towards specialist pathways within our existing qualifications in areas such as perinatal mental health, child and youth mental health, as well as sub-bachelor offerings in regional areas to meet workforce demands.

A/Professor Yu Gao, Doctor of Philosophy, 2008 Graduate

Professor Yu Gao
A/Professor Yu Gao


“Congratulations to all graduates! CDU has provided me with opportunities I never could have dreamed of. Back in 2005, with limited knowledge of English having an IELTS score of 5.5, I enrolled at CDU, with the help and continuous support of Professor Lesley Barclay. Three year later, I completed my thesis, published three first-author papers and improved my IELTS results to 7.0! Reflecting on my past, nothing is impossible if you focus and work smart for it! I believe you will always be able to achieve your goals. Keep up the good work, embrace your life with passion and continue to strive to live life to the fullest”.

Yu Gao
A/Professor at College of Nursing and Midwifery
Charles Darwin University

Jane Alia, Bachelor of Nursing, 2017 Graduate 

“Studying at CDU was exciting. I made friends from all parts of the world whom I have kept in touch with unit now. All the late-night studies and scarifies paid off when I proudly walked the stage as CDU graduate. All our dreams can come true if we work hard, believe and dare to peruse them. Congratulations and best wishes for everything.”

Jane Alia
Registered Nurse
Royal Darwin Hospital

An exciting  world awaits, and you are more than well equipped to greet it.
- Freya Matin

Freya Matin, Bachelor of Midwifery, 2016 Graduate  

 “CDU was demanding, enriching, rewarding and fun. The friendships I made continue to deepen and flourish despite the fact that my CDU friends live all over Australia now. Congratulations on finishing! There were times when this seemed impossible, but here you are, at the beginning of your peak. An exciting  world awaits, and you are more than well equipped to greet it.”

Freya Matin
Registered Midwife
Monash Medical Centre, Clayton, Victoria 

CDU Graduation Ceremony

18 October 2019 – Darwin Convention Centre, Stokes Hill Road, Darwin Waterfront

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