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College of Nursing & Midwifery

Key people

College Executive

Acting College Dean: Professor Dominic Upton

College Manager: Gus Diaz | Email | Staff profile

Associate Dean, Research (Acting):  Professor Dan Bressington | Email Research profile | Staff profile

Acting Head of Discipline Nursing: Professor Benjamin Tan | Email Research profile | Staff profile

Acting Head of Discipline Midwifery: Professor Sue Kruske

Associate Dean, Learning Futures (Acting): Dr Joanne Finn | Email | Research profile

Academic Discipline Lead

Lead for Academic Integrity: Associate Professor Haakan Strand | Email | Research profile

Campus Academic Lead - QLD: Associate Professor Haakan Strand | Email | Research profile

Campus Academic Lead - NSW: Penelope Sweeting (Penny)  | Email | Research profile

Campus Academic Lead - VIC/TAS/WA: Dr Joanne Finn | Email | Research profile

Campus Academic Lead - NT: Nicole Norman | Email | Research profile

Academic Lead for pre-registration Masters in Nursing: Dr Tebbin Koo | Email | Research profile

Academic Undergraduate Lead for Nursing: Lolita Wikander | Email | Research profile

Clinical Coordinator for Nursing : Jessica Morrissey | Email | Research profile

Deputy Academic Undergraduate Lead for Nursing: Frances Woolfe | Email | Research profile

Deputy Academic Undergraduate Lead for Midwifery: Vacant

Postgraduate Nursing Academic Lead: Dr Margaret Yen | Email | Research profile

Undergraduate  Midwifery Academic Lead: Nicki Watts |Email | Research profile

Postgraduate Midwifery Academic Lead: Dr Clare Davison |Email | Research profile

Postgraduate Medicine Academic Lead: Professor Di Stephens |Email | Research profile

Undergraduate Honours Academic Lead: Dr Daniel Liu |Email | Research profile

Postgraduate Research Academic Lead: Professor Benjamin Tan | Email Research profile 

Indigenous Health Academic Lead: Professor Yvette Roe |Email | Research profile

Co-Head of Mental Health and Supportive Care Research Group: Professor Dan Bressington |Email | Research profile 

Co-Head of Mental Health and Supportive Care Research Group: Professor Benjamin Tan | Email Research profile 

Mental Health Academic Lead: Professor Dan Bressington |Email | Research profile 

Mental Health Care Research Theme Lead: Dr Brona Nic Giolla Easpaig |Email | Research profile 

Cancer Supportive Care Research Theme Lead: Dr Alison Wang |Email | Research profile 

Primary Health Care Academic Lead and ANFPP Lead: Professor Sue Kruske |Email | Research profile

Health Services Management Academic Lead: Dr Margaret Yen |Email | Research profile

Molly Wardaguga Research Centre

Co-director: Professor Sue Kildea I Email I Research profile 

Co-director: Professor Yvette Roe I Email  I Research profile 


Adjunct Titles are an honorary title bestowed upon a person to formally recognise that person's non-employment special relationship with the university. The College of Nursing and Midwifery recognises its special relationship with:

Adjunct Professor 
Adjunct Professor Lesley Barclay
Adjunct Professor Patricia Brodie
Adjunct Professor Suzanne Belton
Adjunct Professor Michelle Cleary
Adjunct Professor Richard Gray
Adjunct Professor Sue Hawes
Adjunct Professor Mish Hill
Adjunct Professor Thanos Karatzias
Adjunct Professor Annette Huntington
Adjunct Professor Nicky Leap
Adjunct Professor Meredith McIntyre 
Adjunct Professor Alex Molassiotis
Adjunct Professor Saleem Mohammed
Adjunct Professor Carmel Nelson
Adjunct Professor Joanne Norton
Adjunct Professor Juanita Sherwood
Adjunct Professor Simon Stewart
Adjunct Professor Sally Tracy
Adjunct Professor Janelle Yorke

Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor Jennieffer Barr
Adjunct Associate Professor Trevor Burchall
Adjunct Associate Professor Huilin Cheng
Adjunct Associate Professor Sadie Geraghty
Adjunct Associate Professor Donna Hartz
Adjunct Associate Professor Grace Ho
Adjunct Associate Professor Belinda Jennings
Adjunct Associate Professor Nigel Lee
Adjunct Associate Professor Tim Leeuwenburg
Adjunct Associate Professor Robyn Thompson
Adjunct Associate Professor Andrew Watson

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Pat Bradley
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Theresa Clasquin
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Natasha Franklin
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Michelle Gray
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Thomas Jaya
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Yan Li
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Leonie McLaughlin
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Mark Ramjan
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Nasreena Waheed
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Elizabeth Wilkes
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Min Zhang

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Sze Ki Cheung
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Hok Man Ho
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Isabella Zhao

Adjunct Research Fellow
Adjunct Research Fellow Ellie Brown

Adjunct Lecturer
Adjunct Lecturer Penelope Clough
Adjunct Lecturer Karenlee Hess
Adjunct Lecturer Deb Lillis
Adjunct Lecturer Jason Moloney
Adjunct Lecturer Verena Tinning

Clinical Lecturer
Clinical Lecturer Christine Becker

Clinical Senior Lecturer
Clinical Senior Lecturer Shelley Parker
Clinical Senior Lecturer Mary Polotan
Clinical Senior Lecturer Sabina Eliseeva

University Professorial Fellow
University Professorial Fellow  Mary Finlayson

University Fellow
University Fellow Adrian Carson
University Fellow Faye Worner