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CDU partners with IHNA


CDU’s College of Nursing and Midwifery has joined forces with the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia (IHNA), to enable progress from the institute’s Graduate Diploma in Nursing to a Master of Nursing and an articulation pathway from the institute’s Diploma of Nursing to the Bachelor of Nursing at CDU.

CDU Associate Lecturer in Nursing, Kabir Sattarshetty, has been working with IHNA lecturers on developing appropriate learning materials and lesson plans, to ensure the teaching of Simulation Blocks (SIM) at their facilities in Perth and Melbourne, is consistent with CDU teaching in Sydney and Darwin.

As well as the obvious benefits of the pathway to CDU qualifications for IHNA students, the partnership will allow CDU students access to IHNA’s clinical labs in Melbourne and Perth.

Simulation Blocks in Melbourne
Simulation Blocks in Melbourne

“SIM is a compulsory four-day face to face teaching period that students in first, second- and third-year Bachelor of nursing must attend,” says Ms Sattarshetty.

“The focus is primarily in learning and practicing relevant clinical skills that can only be taught in the Simulated Laboratory environment.”

“I have been working closely with the lecturers at IHNA to provide them with all the necessary learning material, class structure and learning outcomes for the SIM Blocks that we run on our campuses.

“This way the content and style of teaching is consistent throughout.”

Ms Sattarshetty says the arrangement has significantly improved the student experience, with many students now able to attend SIM Blocks closer to their homes.

“Previously, students from Perth and Melbourne had to travel to Sydney or Darwin for their SIM Block.”

IHNA’s Graduate Certificate in Nursing provides students with an entry path to the Graduate Diploma in Nursing, then subsequently into a Masters degree in Nursing in Australia.

Simulation Blocks photo


“However, this course does not lead to direct registration as a nurse or midwife in Australia, hence the pathway into the Nursing Masters at CDU is very beneficial for their students.

“For CDU it means we will have a steady cohort of students being directed to our nursing courses.”