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Course spotlight: Master of Midwifery

Master of Midwifery

Take your midwifery career to the next level, through CDU’s Master of Midwifery.

Enabling students to select study units that focus on their own professional career plans, graduating with a Masters of Midwifery can lead to advanced or specialised clinical roles in education, management and leadership or research roles.

The Master of Midwifery is a post-graduate course designed for registered midwives to advance their knowledge of clinical, theoretical principles and develop research understanding,” says Post Graduate Course Coordinator, Dr Michelle Gray.

The Master of Midwifery is an online blended learning coursework degree recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework at Level 9, and can be studied part time or full time.

“Students are able to select from a range of specialist selective units to tailor their continuing professional development studies to suit their interests,” says Dr Gray.

“This course is designed to extend midwives’ knowledge gained through midwifery clinical practice and develop research appraisal skills.

“Two research units will focus on cultivating research skills in a supported partnership with an experienced midwife academic which has the potential to lead to access to a higher degree by research.”

Entry into the Master of Midwifery course requires a national midwives registration, and it is expected that students will already be employed or have recent experience in a clinical setting that enables them to complete assessments, each of which has a direct application to professional practice and context.

Student will need to complete 80 credits of compulsory units and select 40 credits from a selection of units offered by the College of Nursing and Midwifery.

“This maximises resources and enables students to diversify between courses if they so wish.”

Bursaries are available from professional organisations for the advancement of midwifery practice, and health service continuing professional development funds can be used to support the postgraduate study.

Continuing Professional Development can also be claimed as a taxable out going for personal professional development.

Anyone interested in studying the master of Midwifery please contact for more details