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At CDU’s College of Nursing and Midwifery, many of our cohorts are not school leavers, but mature age students looking for a change in career.

This means for many students, it has been years since formal high school education, and as such, exposure to the pure sciences.

learning content in Learnline

CDU recognises the challenges students face when commencing their higher education journey, particularly when grappling with the complexity of subjects such as foundational anatomy and physiology, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. 

Learning content in Learnline

In an attempt to bridge the gap between high school science and first-year undergraduate science, the College has developed a short course for students undertaking health qualifications. 

The course consists of five modules that can be taken independently and at the student’s own pace.

Each module is delivered online and augmented by high-quality multimedia learning activities.

The course is now open to both domestic and international students and the course will be offered multiple times throughout the year.

Future students will be able to apply and enrol via the CDU course catalogue.

For your information visit the Foundation Science for the Health Professions (Non-Award) course or email Dr Karen Knight:

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