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Staff Spotlight -Ethar Alsharaydeh

Lecturer in Nursing

This month, we put the spotlight on CDU’s Lecturer in Nursing, Ethar Alsharaydeh, who shares some snippets of her life, study and career, as well as her work at the CDU Sydney campus.

Dr Ethar Alsharaydeh

Who am I: I live in Sydney along with my husband and four children. I moved to Australia in 2016 to study PhD in Nursing at The University of Newcastle. I chose Australia as a country of my study as the Australian education and research system is one of the most highly recognised systems worldwide. The idea of moving to a new country with a new system, language and culture was not easy at all, especially for a big family with kids. However, the love, support, acceptance and understanding of the Australian community supported us all the way and made our transition very easy and joyful.

Career so far: Academically, I began my journey at The University of Jordan in 2003, where I undertook my Bachelor in Nursing. I was subsequently granted a University scholarship to undertake a Masters degree in Paediatric Nursing at Mutah University, 2013- 2015 in Jordan. I worked in Jordan as a Registered Nurse in different clinical settings and continued as a lecturer in Nursing/clinical at Mutah University for 12 years.

In Australia, I worked as a registered nurse in aged care sector. It was a new experience for me as we don’t have this sector back home in Jordan, where taking care of elderly people is the responsibility of the community. My experience working as an aged care nurse was emotionally draining at times, but full of giving all of the time.

PhD study: My PhD thesis focused on the challenges and coping of immigrant parents who have children with disabilities. My study is the first research of its kind in Australia. Recently, I was officially awarded the PhD degree in Nursing in September 2020. It is indeed a very long haul and perseverance is the key to success. To juggle family and work responsibilities while studying is no mean feat!

Life at CDU: I have been extremely fortunate to commence working as a continuing Lecturer in Nursing at CDU.  This is one of the most crucial steps in my academic life. In CDU I feel like I am surrounded by my family, everybody in this institution is loving and caring. I would love to continue to work, grow and build my academic career in this country.

Most recent achievement: My work has been internationally recognised as I am honoured to have been selected to be an academic peer reviewer for the American Journal of Nursing science in the period between July 2020 – July 2021.

My family: I am so appreciative to have the loyal, supportive and caring family that I do. I am grateful to my husband Akram who, without his help, I would not be where I am at right now. Lucky to have him in my life. My parents’ prayers protected and blessed every step of my journey. My four children, Ayham, Roya, Lamar and Yamen, thank you for being the best family I could ever ask for.

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