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Student and Staff Awards

Celebrating excellence

Congratulations to our excellent students

  • Milan Acharya - Outstanding Academic Achievement in the Master of Nursing Practice (Pre-Registration) (National)
  • Yvonne Lin - Outstanding Academic Achievement in the Master of Nursing Practice (Pre-Registration) (NT)
  • Emory Harris - Outstanding academic Achievement in second year
  • Carol Louise Mackrow - Outstanding Academic Performance in Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Ryley Louise Tink - Outstanding academic Performance in Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Talitha Eacott - Outstanding Academic Achievement in Midwifery
  • Jessica Gilbert - Outstanding Academic Achievement of a student that is a First Nations person
  • Roslyn Consoli - Outstanding Clinical Performance for Midwifery (Undergraduate) NT Health
  • Ella Samuel - Outstanding Clinical Performance for Midwifery (Undergraduate) National
  • Taryn Katrina Henry - Outstanding Clinical Performance for Nursing (Undergraduate)
  • Miranda Jan - Outstanding Primary Health Care Award (undergraduate)

Congratulations to our excellent colleagues

  • Sarah Mills - Exceptional Outstanding contribution to the student learning experience
  • Nicki Watts - Excellence in Learning Innovation to Enhance Student Engagement & Experience
  • Brittany Newman - Exceptional Performance by Professional Staff Award
  • Sarah Ireland - Exceptional Performance in Research—Emerging Researcher
Nicki Watts and Brittany Newman

Nicki Watts 
Secured CDU Small Innovation Grant to transform soft body ‘baby dolls’ used in simulation to more high fidelity simulation models at low cost.  These dolls now simulate a fetal or newborn heart rate and heart sounds audible through a stethoscope or pinnards/doppler.  This gives the students a more real world experience to undertake fetal or newborn heart rate assessments prior to clinical placement.  They are being used this semester in the simulation weeks.

Sarah Ireland
Sarah finished her PhD in 2016 with CDU. Sarah has worked for a number of research projects but the most notable is her work over the past 3 years working with Lawurrpa Maypilama, the Australian Doula College and the women and Yalu at Galiwinku has been outstanding. Her leadership, engagement, high level of performance and impact has been of a very high level. She is very deserving of this award.

Brittany Newman
Brittany has managed to re-establish collegial relationships with students and clinical partners as well secure new placement opportunities in various states.  Brittany manages student placements as well as Continuity of Midwifery Care experiences for students across all states and territories.  Brittany has been exceptional at building trusting and mututally respectful relationships with students who were feeling very dienfranachised.  Brittany is a valuable member of the both the placements and midwifery team.

student&staff award
Sarah Mills

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