NVivo a general overview

NVivo is software that supports qualitative and mixed methods research. It lets you collect, organise and analyse content from interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, audio and social media data.

This workshop provides an overview (only) of how NVivo can be used for those considering using this software.

Type of Workshop

Demonstrative computer workshop

Who should attend

This is for HDR students and staff who are interested in seeing what NVivo can do.

What you will learn

A number of topics will be demonstrated in this workshop, including:

  • Sources 
  • Importing and editing documents 
  • Editing Documents
  • Importing Audio 
  • Filtering and Sorting 
  • Combining qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Other functions (where time permits) might include sharing and social media aspects

Presenter: Craig Coley 

Craig Coley is our expert on Microsoft office application Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. He also has a deep knowledge of the Nvivo research program as well as Adobe suite. He draws on 12 years of experience in workshops and lecturing in ICT. His areas of expertise are in both in Information technology and education. From a practical perspective he has assisted in the formatting and editing of proposals and PHD theses. He is teaching in higher education as a part-time lecturer in the areas of knowledge management and database concepts. His current interests are in both ICT innovation in education and research.