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Here you will find a range of resources related to Learning & Teaching at CDU.

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The following resources are key references and guides for staff teaching in Higher Education at CDU.

CDU Unit Levels (838kb)

The purpose of this document is to assist and guide academics in developing and managing the units they are involved with across the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at CDU in relation to year levels. The document will assist in curriculum development at the course level in terms of how units build on each other, and provide ideas and guidance related to learning and teaching approaches, and the design of learning outcomes and assessment at various levels.

Exemplary Learnline Unit Review Tool (100kb)

This document is an instrument which can be used to conduct a comprehensive and systematic self or peer review of a CDU Learnline unit, guiding iterative development of a unit with the aim of achieving exemplary design and teaching practice in the online environment. The Review Tool is structured around CDU’s 6 Key Principles for Online Teaching (Structured Learning, Active Learning, Teacher Presence, Collaboration, Feedback and Inclusiveness). The tool is intended to clarify the extent to which the Learnline unit achieves ideals advanced by these principles and to guide the continuous improvement of the unit. The tool is available for use on a voluntary basis (i.e. it is not linked to the Learnline site review process).

Exemplary Learnline Unit Summary sheet (53kb)

This document can be used to summarise the outcomes and key comments from a review of a Learnline site against the 6 Key principles for Online Teaching and the elements of each principle.

Guide to Higher Education Learnline Unit Production Process (1.55mb)

This guide provides Higher Education schools and academic staff with a clear and transparent guide to the processes and timeframes for the review and checking of Learnline units.  It is designed to support the continual and systematic improvement of Learnline sites in line with the principle of continuous quality improvement and in alignment with the university’s Learnline Unit Production Cycle (LLUP). This guide refers to processes by which Learnline sites are created, made available to academic staff, reviewed and made available to students. The continuous improvement of Learnline sites is in alignment with the university’s commitment to providing students with quality learning experiences and resources, and timely access to their Learnline sites. 

HE Learnline Template Menu Guide (254kb)

This one page overview of the HE Learnline Template menu shows the menu structure recommended for CDU Learnline units. This is a useful reference for the development and review of Learnline sites. 

So you’ve been asked to do some marking – how difficult can that be, a.k.a.
Hints and tips guide for sessional Higher Education staff

This document is a generic guide for marking assistants and the Schools they work for within CDU. It contains the following sections:

  • Before you look at any assignments
  • Dealing with the set of assignments
  • The actual marking
  • Providing feedback  
  • Moderation

Study Guide Template (143kb)

The Study Guide template can be used, if desired, to provide important information for students beyond the information that will be generated in the ‘Unit Overview’ section generated automatically in the Learnline site. The Study Guide can be attached in the Learnline site in the ‘Unit Information’ section under the ‘Unit Overview’ information. The Unit Overview is a table containing accredited information about a unit that is automatically populated in the Learnline site (from Semester 1 2016) and which removes the need to duplicate this information in the Study Guide. The Study Guide template contains the following sections:

  • Contacts
  • Overview of the unit
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies
  • Participation
  • Special requirements
  • Required textbook(s)
  • Learnline (Online Learning System)
  • eReserve Course Readings
  • Additional Resources
  • Learning Schedule
  • Assessments

The Study Guide template is a document that can be used or adapted as required by each school.

T.H.E. e-guide (1.46mb)

This guide will help you navigate the many online tools and resources that will help you in your academic teaching role, whether it is as a lecturer, tutor, marker or clinical preceptor. The Guide will help you quickly find information about:

  • The context of the University, its governance and structures
  • Effective learning and teaching at CDU
  • Support services in the areas of learning and teaching
  • Professional learning in relation to learning and teaching

Unit Coordinator’s Handbook (557kb)

This handbook provides a guide to unit coordinators at CDU regarding their roles and responsibilities. The primary focus of this handbook is on the key role the unit coordinator plays in enhancing learning and teaching quality of a unit in terms of:

  • Accuracy and currency of unit content
  • Relevance of learning activities and assessment
  • Compliance with accreditation documentation and relevant policies
  • Equivalence, efficiency and effectiveness in delivery across modalities, locations and tutors/lecturers
  • Quality and currency of the Learnline site

Note: Attachments are in PDF format except where otherwise indicated.

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