HE Staff Induction

Introduction from the Manager

Welcome to CDU. My name is Alison Reedy and I manage the Higher Education and Training Development Team within ES. Our Team provides information and support to new staff in the form of an induction to learning and teaching at CDU and an orientation to Learnline, CDU’s Learning Management System. The Team also facilitate a number of online PD units for new teaching staff and provide information and advice to assist academic staff to settle into their lecturing role.    

Meet the Higher Education Training and Development Team

The Higher Education and Training Development Team provides a range of services to Higher Education lecturers and Colleges to support high quality student learning and teaching experiences in higher education. The Team provides leadership and support in learning and teaching pedagogies, approaches and practices through a broad range of services and systems.

Alison ReedyTony Allan
T: 8946 6484
E: tony.allan@cdu.edu.au

Acting Manager, Educational Development Team for:
School of Primary Industries
Adult Literacy, Numeracy & English as a Second Language

Bopelo BoitshwareloDr Bopelo Boitshwarelo
T: 8946 6569

Senior he & traIning Developer for:
College of Business and Law
College of Engineering and IT and Environment
College of Nursing and Midwifery

Dr Stefan PopeniciDr Stefan Popenici
T: 8946 6812

Senior he & traIning Developer for:
College of Indigenous Futures, Arts & Society
College of Health & Human Sciences
College of Education

The Higher Education Learning and Teaching Induction Process

The Higher Education Learning and Teaching Induction will introduce the Higher Education Training and Development Team, identify which Developer is allocated to your school and is your first point of call and provide key information to start in an academic teaching role at CDU.

The induction comprises three stages: 

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The Developer allocated to your school will arrange to meet with to orient you to teaching and learning at CDU. This induction meeting will include:

  • A discussion about your teaching background and immediate needs
  • An introduction to the role of the Higher Education and Training Development Team and the services provided by OLT
  • A review of learning and teaching practices, polices and resources at CDU
  • An introduction to the online learning environment at CDU, including an orientation to Learnline

The induction meeting will be run face to face, or when it is not possible to meet with you personally it will be done online or over the phone. If you have not heard from your Developer within a few days of starting in your role, you can make direct contact to set up the learning and teaching induction meeting.  

The Higher Education and Training Development Team facilitate two short online Professional Development units that are highly recommended for all new staff:

These units provide you with an opportunity to consolidate the information you learned in the Orientation to Learnline session and will extend your knowledge on using technology to teach effectively in an online learning environment.

These units are self-paced and can be completed in about three hours.

Further details and registration information is located in the ‘Recommended for VET and HE’ section of the ES PD Calendar.

The Orientation to Tertiary Teaching @ CDU is a three day program that runs twice a year, prior to the start of Semester 1 and Semester 2. The program provides an orientation to services, structures, processes and practices that guide teaching and learning at CDU. The program is aimed at new or nearly new higher education teaching staff. A key component of the program is to build the networks and relationships that support successful teaching practices.

This program is run by OLT in collaboration with the two Higher Education teaching faculties: Engineering, Health, Science and Environment (EHSE) and Law, Education, Business and Arts (LEBA).

The program is highly valued by new staff, as can be seen by the following staff endorsement of the program:

We are writing to thank you for the wonderful CDU new staff induction conducted by the OLT last week. [My colleague] attended in person and I joined remotely via Collaborate. We were both very impressed with the program; the breadth of information and practical activities provided. We left better informed about CDU structures, policies and programs, heard from and/ met key personnel - and as a consequence, are more able to join with colleagues in creating and delivering more successful teaching and learning experiences for students.
New CDU staff – July 2014

Registration for the Orientation to Tertiary Teaching Program is through the ES PD Calendar

The Developer allocated to your School will contact you a few weeks after the learning and teaching induction meeting. The purpose of this follow up is to assist with any questions you have about CDU systems or processes after you’ve had time to start using them in your new role, and to provide additional information or recommend services to help as you settle into your role as a lecturer at CDU. Of course, you can contact your Developer at any time.

At this point, many new lecturers have questions about their teaching practice, particularly in an online environment. Some things you may want to explore with your Developer are:

  • How to use the range of tools available in Learnline to build active learning and collaboration into your units. These tools include discussion board, voice tools, blogs, journals, and Collaborate and more.
  • How to enhance the teacher presence in your Learnline units
  • How to use rich interactive multimedia to enhance learner engagement (and where to go for assistance to create such resources)
  • How to teach effectively with the learning technologies available in the Collaborate teaching spaces on Casuarina Campus
  • How to create effective assessment tasks that align with the unit Learning Outcomes
  • How to develop assessment rubrics that make explicit performance expectations for students and facilitate the marking process
  • How to develop formative and summative online tests that encourage deep learning
  • How to use inline marking to review, comment, mark and provide feedback on assessments to students online
  • How to use data available in Learnline to identify students at risk and develop and implement effective interventions
  • How to develop mobile friendly online content and activities
  • How to design and develop inclusive learning environments for students from diverse backgrounds
  • How to continuously reflect on your teaching practices to improve your effectiveness and efficiency.

After completing the learning and teaching induction, your Developer will continue to be your key contact person for any issues related to learning and teaching at CDU.