T.H.E. eGuide

Welcome to CDU and T.H.E.eGuide, your resource for Teaching in Higher Education @ CDU

This Guide is provided by the Education Stategy to help you navigate the many online tools and resources that will help you in your academic teaching role, whether it is as a lecturer, tutor, marker or clinical preceptor. The Guide will help you quickly find information about:

  • the context of the University, its governance and structures
  • effective learning and teaching at CDU
  • support services in the areas of learning and teaching
  • professional learning in relation to learning and teaching

To enable the interactive bookmark column in the document, make certain that Adobe Reader is set as the default program for opening pdf documents in your browser. See some instructions on how to do this.

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of this eGuide that will help us improve its future editions. Please email your comments or suggestions to the Education Stategy at es@cdu.edu.au