Learnline Analytics for Learn

AnalyticsCDU is undertaking a project to implement Blackboard Analytics for Learn™, which has the potential to greatly improve access to timely data in relation to teaching and learning practice at CDU, and ultimately to achieve better learning support and outcomes for students.

Blackboard Analytics for Learn™ combines extensive data from Learnline with student and unit attributes from the Student Information System (Callista) to offer self-service reporting options to gain insight into user activity, unit design and student grades. Reports and dashboards will potentially be available for students, lecturers, staff and university leadership.

Analytics will provide you with the ability to run a range of diagnostic reports, drawing data from Callista and Learnline, which help determine patterns of student activity useful for informing decisions about such matters as unit design improvements, student retention strategies for individuals and groups, and learner workload management.

It also has the ability to provide individual learners with information that helps them reflect on their academic achievements and patterns of learning behaviour in relation to their peers.

On Thursday August 21 Professor Martin Carroll PVC ESS, launched Learnline Analytics at the Mal Nairn Auditorium and outlined the university’s strategy surrounding its broader implementation. Integrated Learnline Analytics reports are now available to the academic community for formative use with training to be provided in conjunction with Blackboard Analytics consultants over the coming months.

To a view a video of the launch and a presentation delivered by Analytics Consultant, Nicole Wall, see the links below.

Learnline Analytics Launch Part 1

Learnline Analytics Launch Part 2

Learnine Analytics demonstration


Further information about this project will be posted on this page or alternatively contact Bill Searle, Project Manager.

Project Manager

Bill Searle - Manager, Learning Technologies
Phone: (08) 8946 7047 
Email: bill.searle@cdu.edu.au