Learnline Unit Production Review

In 2009 the Education Strategy introduced a Learnline unit production cycle. The unit production cycle governs the development of units by academic staff in the preparation of learning materials delivered via Learnline or print. The cycle determines due dates for the completion of unit development before the commencement of the teaching period. CDU academic staff are required to submit units to the Learnline Development and Training Team for a quality check prior to the due date.

OLT has several systems and processes that support the management of the unit production cycle including a check list that outlines minimum requirements, database systems and reporting tools, unit copy and rollover processes and risk assessment criteria.

Project Objectives

Commencing in 2012, this project undertook to clearly document and define the process required to transition to a revised unit production cycle that will assist to create capacity and provide support at a Faculty and School level.

Project Sponsor

Professor Martin Carroll - Pro Vice Chancellor, Education and Student Success

Project Manager

Sarang Pradhan – Manager, Learnline Development & Training
Phone: (08) 8946 7544 
Email: sarang.pradhan@cdu.edu.au