Curriculum Approval Proposal System (CAPS)

CAPS is the Curriculum Approval Proposal System used by CDU to record and store all accredited units and courses for both Higher Education and VET.

CAPS enables previously accredited units and course information to be accessed and is the repository of the latest accredited version of a course or unit.

Access to CAPS

In order to access CAPS you must be a Callista user and have been trained in using CAPS.

  • Requests for CAPS training can be made through eCentre
  • Requests for Callista training are also via the eCentre

Download the:

Download the CAPS user guide for reviewers – HE and VET (.pdf 652kb)

Download the Guide for Faculty and School Administrators with edit rights during the workflow and review process (.pdf 788kb)

Video resources

The following videos recap the information provided during training.

Study Skills

1. Logging into CAPS

Study Skills

2. Finding an existing course or unit proposal

Study Skills

3. Creating a new course/unit
from an existing proposal

Study Skills

4. Using the CAPS tools

Study Skills

5. Submitting a course or unit proposal

Study Skills

6. Reviewing a course or unit proposal